Mudrex Invest is a platform that we built that helps investors like you invest in high-performing automated trading bundles created by some of the best traders in the world. It has already helped loads of users make significant profits based on their risk appetite. These three bundles below are doing particularly good:

๐Ÿ† King ETH – Best risk/reward (+100.54%)

King ETH has consistently been one of our most reliable trading strategies giving consistent returns month over month! Its been running for the last 7 months and has used the bull run better than any other algo to catapult itself to the #1 spot. It has an impressive performance score of 10, the only bundle to do so!s to do so! It is a mix of 2 strategies and trades cautiously but confidently to balances risk and returns very well.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Windfarm BNB – Highest Returns till date (+1024%)

Boy-o-Boy I didn’t think I would say this but Windfarm BNB has finally beaten the 1000% returns mark in just about a year!. The Windfarm series is on is for ‘moonshots’ and tends to shine in trending markets. The asset it runs on is BNB which is one of the best-performing assets this year and Windfarm has done brilliantly well to capture the upside.

PS: The actual bot with the highest returns in VdET76 – VET with an impressive 1416% Returns, but that bot is closed for further investments.

๐Ÿต๏ธVdET76 – USDT-Link Daytrading – Highest 30 Day Returns! (+61%)

VdET76 is another one from the stables of VdET, USDT-Link Day trading has actually been around for some time. It has performed phenomenally well in the choppy market conditions last month and driven ~60% returns. The strategy uses 1x leverage and takes risks but pays it off handsomely. With an impressive 60% gains in the last 30 days and a whopping 300% gains in 4 months, VdET76 Link is our top performer this month!

It’s always good to invest in multiple bundles and not just one. Investing in multiple bundles makes sure that you get consistent gains across different market conditions.