?Best of Mudrex Invest: Jan 2021

Mudrex Invest is a collection of the best trading bundles created by top traders on Mudrex. Every month we feature the best performing bundles. Here are this month’s top 3! 

? Toshin – Highest Returns till date(+259%)

Toshin broke out and took the crown of the strategy with the best returns to date. Toshin bundle tends to shine in trending markets. The asset it runs on is Link which is the best performing asset this year and Toshin has done brilliantly well to capture the upside. Toshin has been a top performer for 5 months in a row!

? MisterCripto- Best Risk Reward! (+48.8%)

MisterCripto is a newcomer to the arena and what an entry it has made! Its been running for the last 3 months and has used the bull run better than any other strat to catapult itself to the #1 spot. MisterCripto is a mix of 4 strategies and balance risk and returns very well. 

?️ Webneshin Strategy- Highest 30 Day Returns!(+90.0%)

Webneshin is another newcomer to the list and what an entry it has made! It made full utilization on the ETH runup and got ~90% returns in just 1 trade! The strategy is highly levered and takes risks but pays it off handsomely. With an impressive 89% gains in the last 30 days, Webneshin is our top performer this month!

It’s always good to invest in multiple bundles and not just one. Investing in multiple bundles makes sure that you get consistent gains across different market conditions.

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