Mudrex Invest is a collection of the best trading bundles created by top traders on Mudrex. Every month we feature the best performing bundles. Here are this month’s top 3! 

? Rigel – Highest Returns till date

Rigel is a high volatility bundle that tends to shine in trending markets. It identifies trend reversal and quickly moves to capture them. It works in both upward and downward trends. Rigel has been a top performer 3 months in a row now!

? ZLex LTC – Best risk/reward!

ZLex has consistently shown the best risk/reward for all bundles on Mudrex, being one of only 3 bundles with a performance score of 8. This one trades slowly but tries to win whenever it does. The last month it had a bad run but otherwise, Zlex is doing great!

?️ Fonship BNB SPOT- Highest 30 Day Returns!

Fonship BNB was having a hard time lately but the recent spike in BNB turned its fortunes around. With an impressive 21% gains in the last 30 days, Fonship BNB is our top performer this month!

It’s always good to invest in multiple bundles and not just one. Investing in multiple bundles makes sure that you get consistent gains across different markets!