April 2020 Platform Update: Mudrex Invest, AUM-based Pricing, 30x Faster backtests and more

The world is in lockdown and while people across the globe are adhering to social distancing, our user numbers just continue to grow! I am happy to announce that just 3 months after hitting 4000 users in Jan, Mudrex Invest now has 5000 registered users. The part that excites us the most though is that ALL of these users have come in without us spending a dime in marketing!

Mudrex users have been talking about us and inviting their friends to join Mudrex since the day we launched. Referral Program driven by the Mudrex community has been our #1 channel of growth! ~50% of our users have come in because they heard good things about us from their friends. If you haven’t yet, get your referral code from the Referral Program dashboard.

Tip: For every user that joins via your code, we give you 50% of whatever we earn!

You can access the referral section from here and read details about the program here.

Key Highlights

  • We did 2 Major back to back product releases that the team has been working on for the last 3 months.
  • March was a monster month in terms of returns for our users. When the entire market crashed, users on Mudrex saw unbelievable gains. More here
April 2020 Platform Update: Mudrex Invest
  • Our trading community on discord is now over 1250 members strong! Users have been talking about newer ways to trade, strategies to invest in and the weather in New Zealand! If you haven’t already, join our Discord Community asap!
  • We have 4 new members joining the Mudrex Team as interns! We are now 15 members strong ..:)

Product Updates

Mudrex team was hard at work through the months of March and April. We implemented some major changes in the core infrastructure and how users invest via Mudrex. The platform saw 2 major releases and multiple minor ones. Below are some of the important features launched recently:

Mudrex Invest

We launched Mudrex Invest in July 2019 with the vision of making investing in high yields trading strategies easy for the ordinary investor. Over the months that followed, we worked closely with our strategy creators, marketplace investors, and exchanges to understand problems and how to improve the product. Months of collecting feedback and implementing improvements finally culminated with the launch of Mudrex Invest: https://mudrex.com/invest

April 2020 Platform Update: Mudrex Invest

3 key features about Mudrex Invest are:

  • Investing in a ‘Bundle’ instead of a single strategy significantly reduces risk as there are diversification benefits.
  • Fees are now based on a % of the amount that you invest instead of an earlier high flat fee.
  • Investors can get a complete refund of their fees if the bundle does not give them returns via an optional program called ‘Mudrex Protect’. Read more here: https://support.mudrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041088492-What-is-Mudrex-Protect-

We will be sending out more details over the week!

Quick shoutout to the folks at Cointelegraph who covered the launch of Mudrex Invest: https://cointelegraph.com/news/automated-platform-helps-everyday-users-invest-like-the-pro

Strategy Bundles

Diversification is a key tenant of risk management. In the past we have seen that it is almost impossible to build a single strategy that works across all kinds of market conditions, however, it is easy to build multiple strategies that specialize across different conditions and run them together as a ‘bundle’. 

We are happy to launch the first version of strategy bundles that lets users create, backtest and publish bundles to Mudrex Invest. More features coming soon!

April 2020 Platform Update: Mudrex Bundles

30x Faster backtesting

We did significant changes in our core infrastructure to make the entire process of Strategy calculation and as a result of that, backtesting and live execution 30x faster! This change also gives us many downstream benefits such as higher redundancy, lower costs, ease of implementing future features, etc.

April 2020 Platform Update: Mudrex Backtesting

Coming soon!

As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Below are some of the exciting things the team is working on over the next month

  • Add/Remove money from live bundles and trades
  • Investment Dashboard
  • New ‘Logs’ section to give creators detailed info about why a trade happened
  • Rebalancing in bundles

Feel free to reach out to us at support@mudrex.com!

Find out more about Mudrex, trading strategies, tips & tricks and a lot more in our blog.

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