Marketplace Update Feb 2020: Choppy markets give choppy returns

After a great start in Jan, investors on the Mudrex Marketplace ran into quite a bit of trouble in Feb. The choppy nature of markets and lack of clear trends made trading really difficult. Some of the best bots kept getting ‘faked’ out, giving us one of the worse performing months. Having said that, this is not unexpected.

While selecting strategies to publish on the Mudrex marketplace, we look at those algos which provide consistent returns over >3 months. One cannot invest in thinking about the short term. In most months strategies win while in some they make losses. Users who understand this have been handsomely rewarded. Here’s the Mudrex marketplace update for you.

Feb 2020 Highlights

  • 4/9 strategies made a profit
  • 338 live runs with ~0.7 Mn USD invested
  • Updated 2 strategies and removed 3.

Top Strategies

Feb 2020 was one of the worst months for BTC. Bitcoin markets were very choppy and saw two of the largest upswings and downswings in its history. The lack of any consistent trend made trading very difficult and entering a position very uncertain.

Mudrex Marketplace


Windmill Advanced: +6.3% returns

BNB went through an entire cycle of rising up ~15% and then falling down back. Windmill Advanced has done remarkably well in these conditions, giving investors ~6% returns! It is one of the oldest strategies on the marketplace and became the best performing strategy of Feb 2020.

Winmill Mudrex Marketplace

Gravity v0.6: +2 % returns

Gravity made pretty good gains early on but a couple of bad trades saw the returns tank. It eventually made some of it back to barely break even at the end of it.


Auto-trading strategies on the Mudrex Marketplace go through constant churn. Creators keep a lookout for changes in market conditions and update the strategies regularly. Investors on these strategies are in constant communication with the creators and with the Mudrex team for help and support on our Discord Community.

If you haven’t already, then do join our Discord crypto community.

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