Feb 2019 Update: Launching Bitmex and trading with API keys!

It’s been 4 months since we launched Mudrex in beta and the growth does not seem to stop! Mudrex has now reached a key milestone of processing 500,000 USD worth of trading volume through the platform and the number is growing ~15% Week over Week. Along with trading volume what also keeps growing is the feedback we get from users and this love and support that inspires us to do our best always!

Customer is always the king and making sure that users are able to not only create all kinds of strategies they want but also choose where and how to execute them is at the top of our list!

Feb 2019 update is our biggest release yet! We spent the last month changing the core execution infrastructure in more ways than one to release some of the most wanted features of the platform. With this release, we are also officially moving Mudrex out of beta. Below is a summary of what we launched.

Trading on Bitmex exchange

Bitmex is the worlds largest crypto derivatives exchange by trading volume. With this integration, Mudrex becomes the first platform in the world to provide testing and automated execution on both spot and futures contracts. In the first iteration, we are launching with long-only strategies for the XBTUSD perpetual contract. Shorting is coming soon!

Bitmex us available to trade using API keys

Trade Using API Keys

Till now if a user wanted to deploy their strategies on Mudrex they would have to deposit tokens in our wallet. A lot of our users came back to us and told us to add the ability to trade using API keys. You said and we listened!

We are happy to announce that Mudrex now supports the ability to connect both supported exchanges Bitmex and Binance by adding your API keys!

Trade on Bitmex and Binance using API keys

Updated Results page

A lot of our users use Mudrex as not any a platform to automate their strategies but also to research, iterate and improve their current strategies. Having the ability to analyze results correctly and transparently is critical. With the new release, users get the ability to get a detailed answer to the questions ’ Why did this trade happen?’ 

Updated Results Page

New ‘NOT’ block

Every release we try to add new features that give users new abilities while creating strategies. The ‘NOT’ logic block helps users create new conditions and improve the quality of their strategies significantly! You can read more about it here

The NOT block for trading

Apart from these, we have worked on 45 other bugs and small issues to improve user experience, reliability, processing speed and handle edge cases. As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

If you have any queries, head on to Mudrex Support. Also check our crypto blog that features that latest in crypto space, trading strategies, and a lot more.

Welcome to the new Mudrex.

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