Introducing Mudrex Invest – The ‘hedge fund’ you never had

A tale of two problems

The average retail investor has limited investment options. You can put your money in:

  • Savings bank account ~ 0%
  • Gov Bonds ~ 1–2%
  • Mutual funds ~ 6–8% returns annually but with very high fees
  • ETFs ~6–8% returns annually but with low fees

Access to financial products that offer high-interest rate returns like the ones provided by Hedge funds is almost never available to individuals. Hedge funds only cater to high net worth individuals and accredited investors. They typically have large min investment requirements of 500,000 USD or more and charge a lot!

Eventually, to get higher returns, many of us try our hand at trading, only to get them burnt. Trading manually is tough. It requires discipline, patience, and time which most of us don’t have. As a result, 97% of the people who end up trading manually lose everything and return back to 0. One way to improve trading is to automate it.

Introducing Mudrex Invest

We originally started Mudrex to help traders automate their trading. Within 6 months of us launching Mudrex in beta, 100s of amazing traders were already using our strategy builder to make amazing trading strategies. Many of them were already investing their own money on it but they themselves were limited by their own resources. After all, they were also individuals like you and me, and accessing capital to deeply on trading strategies is difficult.

Watching this play out from the ringside, we realized that there was a simple solution possible for both of these problems, connect these amazing traders with individual investors, and create value for both. Our answer to both these problems is Mudrex Invest!

Mudrex Invest: The ‘hedge fund’ you never had

Mudrex Invest gives you access to alternative, high yield investment products we call ‘Bundles’. Each of these ‘Bundles’ has multiple trading strategies optimized to work together. Each gets verified before being published and is monitored constantly for appropriate risk management and effectiveness.

Easily invest with Mudrex

Mudrex Invest works like a hedge fund except: 

  • Min Investment is as low as 100 USD.
  • You never need to transfer any funds to any trader or Mudrex. All you do is connect us with your exchange.
  • Multiple investment options are available and new options constantly keep coming in. Every bundle is verified before it gets published. This helps you move from ones that perform poorly to ones that perform best very easily.

But it doesn’t stop just there. Mudrex Invest in many ways is better than a hedge fund because

  • Fees are charged as a % of AUM. Not fees on profit. No fixed management fees. Invest and withdraw at any time!
  • Investing in multiple Bundles helps diversify investment and significantly reduce risk.
  • ‘Mudrex Protect’ makes sure that if your investment loses money, you get any fees charged for the investment service back as a refund.

Getting started with Mudrex Invest 

Step 1: Select a bundle you want to invest

There are multiple bundles that are listed on the Mudrex Invest for you to pick from based on your risk appetite, available exchanges, and preference.

Ideally, you should pick 3-4 different bundles and diversify your position.

Step 2: Add your API keys

You can go live on bundle only after adding your API keys. Mudrex supports multiple exchanges.

Step 3: Add a payment method

Mudrex has partnered with Stripe and CoinPayments and supports over 135 currencies, 30 crypto tokens, and also PayPal.

You can either add your card or add credits to Mudrex Balance.

Step 4: Invest funds and go live

Great you are now all set to go live! Click on Invest Now, allocate a budget, and sit back and relax!

Get crypto investment strategies, tips & tricks and a lot more on the Mudrex Blog.

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Happy Trading!

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