Jan 2019 Update: Security, stability and 60 more assets

It’s been ~3 months since we launched Mudrex in beta and boy have we grown! The platform has seen ~2400 strategies created(up 3x),  >13,000,000 hours of backtests runs (up 100x), >250K USD traded with strategies (up 20x) since Oct 2018. This rapid growth has been accompanied by lots of love from our users in the form of feedback and some pain in the form of issues related to scaling! Both of those are good things to have!

The last couple of months have been very exciting. We spent a lot of time improving the reliability of the platform, talking to users and adding their feedback. The team has been busy building a lot of useful features that help make more kinds of strategies and improve your profit per trade. Making sure that you are able to create all kinds of strategies you want is at the top of our list! Below is a summary of what we launched.

Multiple timeframes for different indicators in the same strategy

What has been perhaps one of the most requested and challenging features we have rolled out, multiple timeframes improves flexibility by an order of magnitude! The Mudrex Strategy Builder now allows users to very easily add up to 5 different timeframes on which they can calculate indicator data; all in the same strategy! You can read more about it here

2-Factor Authentication with Google Auth

Security has always been our top priority and enabling 2-factor authentication is an important step towards making your account resilient to theft. You can read more about protecting your account here.

Improved risk management using Pivot Points

In the previous release, we added the ability to add a Stop-loss and Take-profit to a strategy. The first implementation was very trivial. We have significantly enhanced the ability to manage risk by adding Pivot points. We have now added 3 kinds of pivot points: Simple, Fibonacci and Demark that can help decide when to close a trade based on various support and resistance levels. Also, stop loss and take profit now works by default on 1m candles, helping you exit as soon as the event is triggered. You can read more about it here:

105 assets across 2 markets now available to trade

We started Mudrex with 5 assets and 1 market 3 months later now we have over 105 assets and 2 markets available for users to trade on. Many many more are on the way!

Apart from these, we have worked on 70 other bugs and small issues to improve user experience, increase processing speed and handle edge cases. 
As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Happy trading!

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