Meet the traders of Mudrex: JMOZ, creator of bot ‘Super’

JMOZ has been trading in Crypto and Forex markets since 2013. He joined the Mudrex community in early 2019 and launched his bitcoin auto-trading strategies Super ETH and Superv3 on Mudrex Strategy Marketplace, subscribers of which gained 23% during Q4 2019.
JMOZ is a full-time professional trader and loves to travel. He is based out of London but has been moving around between Bali, Thailand and Taipei for the last 2 years.
We recently got a chance to know more about him.

Mudrex: How did you start trading?

JMOZ: I started Crypto trading in 2013. As a beginner, I lost and liquidated frequently. Over the last 7 years, I have spent a lot of time and energy learning about trading, crypto and technical analysis. Now, my trading strategies are automated & systematized and have become predictably profitable.

“I certainly had never thought my $130 would eventually hit $20k”


What triggered your interest in Crypto Market?

I have a friend, whom I respect, who had invested in Bitcoins at sub $5. He was always talking about Bitcoin and the tech scene too was buzzing with its talks. This piqued my interest and I bought my first Bitcoin in 2012 at $130. I certainly had never thought my $130 would eventually hit $20k.

What do you think about the future of the Crypto ecosystem?

I think we are yet to see new highs and with increasing adoption and understanding, Crypto will mature further and become mainstream.

“Mudrex is every trader’s dream come true!”


Why Mudrex?

Before Mudrex, the majority of my time was spent in writing pine-script codes and figuring out indicators inputs, whereas now with Mudrex, I simply need to choose indicators from a drag and drop interface, type input values and run backtests. Like a piece of cake!
I have been able to focus my energy on creating better and robust trading algorithms. Mudrex is every trader’s dream come true!

What was your first impression of Mudrex?

I was surprised by the platform’s consistency and the robust library of technical indicators available on Mudrex. I found the backtest feature to be very useful.

One thing that you absolutely love about Mudrex.

Your customer support. You guys have been awesome to communicate with and clearly listen to your users. The communication with founders and others in the team had impressed me from day 1.

Tell us about your trading strategy ‘Super’ on Mudrex Marketplace.

Super ETH and Superv3 have been live on Mudrex Invest since April 2020. I had recently finished building an automated trading system for my own trading strategies, hence decided to port one to Mudrex.  To my surprise, the core of the strategy was very easy to implement on Mudrex. Since then I have spent more time designing, testing and improving ‘Super’.

How does it work?

‘Super’ is a simple and effective strategy that longs/shorts momentum breakouts. Super falls into the trend-following style of strategies (another being mean reversion, which will be ruined by a Bitcoin trend). I believe trend- following based trading algorithms work best for the Bitcoin market.
‘Super’ is designed to buy or sell when Bitcoin (BTC) trends bull or bear, respectively.

‘Super’ has performed exceptionally well in the last few months. Subscribers to the strategy gained 23% against an almost flat BTC/USD market.

23.31% return in 3 months

How do you explain such success? Or in simple words – what is the secret of ‘Super’?

Like most other trend-following strategies, ‘Super’ is suited for both bull and bear. A sideways or choppy market (as we saw towards the end of 2019) will trigger many false breakouts which will incur small losses. But when a big trend appears, ‘Super’ will capture most of it.
As a developer, I have spent most of my career simplifying and automating things and I strongly believe in the K.I.S.S. ethos
(keep it simple, stupid). ‘Super’ at its core is very simple and relies mainly on a single indicator. A complex system is more prone to failures and data over-fitting issues.

Pro Tip: When strategy backtest results from recent period are good and have high sharpe ratio, check performance in previous years to ensure that the strategy is not over-fitted on a particular time-frame.


What points should be considered while back-testing the strategy on Mudrex to better understand its performance?

To help a user study how ‘Super’ performs across different market conditions, I have provided yearly (rolling half-yearly) backtest results on Mudrex. Every backtest shows positive returns. I have been careful to not over-fit the strategy on past data and hence have chosen the best configuration which is consistent over different time frames.
Pro Tip: When strategy backtest results from the recent periods are good and have a high Sharpe ratio, check performance in previous years (in rolling brackets) to ensure that the strategy is not over-fitted on a particular time frame. Older time-frame results will be bad if the strategy is over-fitted or over-optimized.

What are the important points an investor should take into consideration before investing in your strategy?

You will lose money in some market conditions.  Do not use high leverage as you will risk liquidation and large draw-downs. Capital gains and compounding takes time and is dependent on the market. Hence, I advise a minimum of 6 months investment period.

Any advice to new investors in the Crypto space.

Zoom out.
Slow down.
Invest in simple and effective trading strategies.

Last question. What all do you do for a living?

I keep moving around and earn my living by trading crypto. The last contract I worked in London was nearly 2 years ago now! I want to improve ‘Super’ to the point that I get private investors on board and earn profit from them.
Presently I keep moving around between Bali, Thailand and Taipei. Going to Taipei now for a month.

For more information on Mudrex and how to use the platform; check out our YouTube channel, Mudrex Blog and support docs.


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Happy Trading!

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