Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex — Detailed Review

Cryptocurrency trading is on the rise, and many new traders are joining the crypto train. It has now transitioned from a hobby to a full-time job for many, while many traders still trade to generate a passive income. The astounding growth of the crypto market has been nothing short of a dream run, and it is expected to grow even more. However, in a market that is active round the clock and highly volatile, tracking the price changes, keeping up with the news and constantly executing trades to make consistent returns manually is virtually impossible.

To trade consistently without losing out on profits, traders and now using automated trading algorithms or bots which make trading extremely easy. Many online trading platforms offer various features to make trading easy. On these platforms, users can either create their own trading strategies or copy other expert traders. This process is known as copy/mirror/social trading.

This article will discuss three such copy trading platforms. In this Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex review, we will discuss their features in detail, and help you choose the best platform for your automated crypto trading.

Here’s the Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex comparison


Kryll is a cloud-based crypto trading platform that helps traders automate their trades and invest in premade automated algorithms. The platform aims to make trading easier for its users and ensures the users can start investing easily. The platform has a marketplace with multiple premade strategies that the user can ‘rent’ and automate their trades. Moreover, users can also use the drag and drop editor to build their own trading strategies and automate their trades. In this Kryll review, we will compare this crypto trading platform with Mudrex and Pionex.


Mudrex is a cloud-based automated crypto algorithm marketplace, which aims to bring crypto investment to everyone. At Mudrex, you can invest in pre-built algorithms or bots created by expert traders at Mudrex Invest or build your own at Mudrex Build. These bots are 100% automated and are spread across multiple cryptocurrencies and exchanges. At Mudrex Build, you can create strategies without writing a single line of code with their drag and drop visual editor. In this Mudrex review, we will compare it with Kryll and Pionex.


Pionex is a cloud-based crypto trading platform where users can either automate their trades or invest through trading bots available. The platform has various trading bots available spread across strategies where users can automate their trades. The platform makes it easy for users to generate consistent returns through automated trading. In this Pionex review, we will compare it with Mudrex and Kryll.

Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex — A Review

In this Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex review, we will score each platform from 0-10 on critical features that an investor looks for in a trading platform. These include but are not limited to platform reliability, pricing,  ease of investment and many more. The final scores are given below, and the detailed review follows.

Platform Reliability8/109/108/10
Trading Strategies and Profitability8/109/107/10
Platform Pricing/Fee6/108/108/10
Ease Of Investment7/109/108/10
Post-Investment Tracking7/107/108/10
Exchanges Supported7/106/105/10
Community & Support8/109/108/10
Referral Bonuses7/109/103/10
Total Score58/8066/8055/80

#1 Platform Reliability 

The first question we answer for an investor is ‘How Reliable Is This Trading Platform?’

Kryll Reliability

The Kryll platform was launched through an ICO or Initial Coin Offering in 2018 and was made available to the public in early 2019. Ever since its launch, this crypto trading platform has gained quite some traction in the crypto market. Since most new traders don’t know how to build trading strategies, the no-code block-like strategy builder helps. To help users feel secure about their investments, it requires minimal API permissions, which removes the possibility of malicious withdrawals while investing while employing 2FA. However, users have to buy their KRL token to be fully able to utilise the platform. 

Mudrex Reliability

Launched in 2019, Mudrex is based in San Francisco and backed by Y-Combinator. Mudrex has gained a considerable investor base in a short span of time and has over 20,000 investors and a total trade value slightly short of $1Billion. Mudrex has employed extensive security features to help users invest securely, such as 2FA, no withdrawal permissions for APIs, and lightning-fast customer support.

Mudrex — The best Crypto trading platform

Pionex Reliability

Pionex is another new player in the market and was launched in 2019. Pionex is tech-supported by BitUniverse, another cryptocurrency trading platform. While real-time statistics are not available, Pionex was operating with over $30 million in daily trade volume earlier this year. While the platform has an impeccable reputation in terms of security, users need to deposit funds in order to trade. However, all funds at Pionex are stored in Binance and Huobi, which are some of the most trusted exchanges. Moreover, Pionex also has set up a fund for damages in the worst-case scenario of thefts.

Keeping security and transparency in mind, we rank Mudrex the highest in platform reliability.

Platform Reliability 


#2 Trading Bots/Strategies and Profitability

The next question that we answer is ‘Which Platform Helps Me Select The Best Bot And Make The Right Choice?’

Kryll Trading Bots

Users at Kryll can use multiple strategies available in the marketplace. These strategies trade across various cryptocurrencies and exchanges, helping users diversify their investments. Moreover, other traders who have used these strategies can leave their reviews, allowing traders to make better decisions. Users can view details such as the coin the algorithm trades in, indicators it has employed, total reviews, and last 30 days returns. 

Investors can easily view the top performing bots, and some of them are listed below with their returns in the past 30 days:

  • The Master BNB Strategy: ~40.62%
  • Gekko Bot [V9]: ~37.7%
  • To The Moon: ~10.28%

Trading At Mudrex

Users can view all the crucial details about the premade bots right there on the dashboard. These details include the cryptocurrency the bot trades in, total lifetime returns, number of investors in each strategy, a performance score (0-10) by Mudrex rating each strategy after a risk vs reward analysis, total run time of the strategy, the monthly fee and the last 30 day returns.

Investors can easily view the top performing bots, and some of them are listed below with their returns in the past 30 days:

Trading At Pionex

Pionex provides its users with a variety of trading bots to choose from. Users can either invest through these bots or set their trades manually by choosing from multiple technical indicators. Users can set the volume, cryptocurrency, volume, trigger price and action in manual trading. The bots are available to use right on the Pionex dashboard, with all essential details present.

Investors can easily view the available bots, and some of them are:

  • Grid Trading Bot
  • Leveraged Grid Bot
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot

Mudrex takes the top spot here as it helps users select the right bot with a comprehensive structure.

Trading Bots/Strategies and Profitability


#3 Pricing / Platform Usage Fees

Here, we answer the question ‘How Much Is The Platform Usage Fee, And What Is The Minimum Amount I Need To Start With?’

Kryll Pricing

Unlike traditional crypto trading platforms, users at Kryll have to purchase its native KRL token to upgrade their membership. Upgrading the membership can give users an edge with increased back-test speed, more fee discounts, additional referral bonuses, reduced live-test costs, and increased trading slots. At the Kryll platform, using a strategy on the platform entails a fee, which at the time of writing is 0.033% of the total invested amount per day. For example, if you invest $1,000 for one day, you will have to pay $0.33 in fees if you hold 0KRL, but only $0.01 if you hold 200,000+ KRL. The minimum investment amount at the platform is $200, which is exclusive of the fee.

The multiple holding programs are 0 KRL, 5,000+ KRL, 20,000+ KRL, 50,000+ KRL, 100,000+ KRL, 200,000+ KRL, and each brings forward additional discounts and bonuses. Moreover, these KRL tokens are used to pay the fee on the platform, so ensure you keep them replenished to stay at the desired program level.

Mudrex Pricing

Unlike other major automated trading platforms, Mudrex doesn’t charge a fee to use the platform. At Mudrex Invest, users only need to pay a small fee when investing. This fee varies according to the bot and can be as low as $5. Users can start investing for as low as $150, excluding the bot fee. Another impressive feature of the platform is Mudrex Protect, through which users get a full fee refund if the strategy does not yield a profit in a month.

However, if you want to build, backtest and execute your own strategies, you can use the Mudrex Build platform. It has both free and paid versions, with the free version offering a few features to help you begin. With the paid version at $16/month, users get unlimited backtests, multiple technical indicators, priority 24×7 support and the ability to publish their strategies on Mudrex for other users to trade with.

Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex comparison

Pionex Pricing

There is no monthly or daily use fee for the platform, and the bots are free to use. However, there is an exchange trading fee which is 0.05% for maker and taker. Moreover, there is also a withdrawal fee for when you withdraw funds from the platform. Overall, Pionex is one of the most cost-effective trading platforms.

High fees always push investors away, especially beginners. Therefore, both Mudrex and Pionex rank at the top in platform pricing.

Pricing / Platform Usage Fees


#4 Ease of Investment

The next question we answer is ‘How Easy It Is To Start Using The Platform?’

How To Invest On Kryll

The Kryll platform is easy to start investing with and provides a simple UI to help users understand and invest easily. However, users have to purchase the KRL token before they can begin investing. The platform is available on both mobile and desktop versions, making it easier for traders. 

Here’s how one can start with Kryll:

  • Create/Login to your Kryll account;
  • Connect an exchange with an API key;
  • Purchase KRL token to pay for the fees;
  • Either set up your own strategy or pick an algorithm from the marketplace;
  • Select the starting amount, the trading pair and strategy fuel (for how much time you want it to run);
  • Start your strategy, and you are good to go.
Here’s a video by Crypto Gnome reviewing Kryll

How To Start Investing On Mudrex 

Mudrex is an easy-to-use platform, and its sleek UI with minimal yet vital details is exceptionally user-friendly. Users can begin their investment journey at Mudrex with just a few clicks. Even though the platform is yet to be launched on mobile devices, the desktop version perfectly performs the job.

Here’s how you can start investing on Mudrex:

  • Create/ Login to your Mudrex account;
  • Connect the desired exchange with an API key(s);
  • Choose the bot you want to invest in and select the amount;
  • Pay the platform fee, and you are all done.
Here’s a detailed Mudrex review and tutorial by bfreshhb

How To Start Investing On Pionex

At Pionex, users need to deposit funds into their account rather than using API keys. The investment process is simple, and once the deposit is made, you just need to decide if you want to go the bot way or the manual way. The platform is available on both desktop and mobile, making it easier to trade on the go.

Here’s how you can start investing on Pionex:

  • Create/ Login to your Pionex account (Your BitUniverse account works too);
  • Deposit funds into your account through a USDT transfer;
  • Choose the bot you want to invest in or manually set up your trade;
  • Run the bot or trade, and you are good to go.
Here’s a video by Coffee n Crypto about using Pionex

The Mudrex Invest platform is extremely easy to start using for investors, who can begin with just an API integration, so it receives the top rank here.

Ease of Investment


#5 Post-Investment Tracking

The next question we answer is ‘How Easily Can I Track My Investments?

Portfolio Tracking At Kryll 

The Kryll dashboard provides multiple details about the user’s portfolio, including the strategies they have invested in, their total portfolio across crypto coins and their total returns. 

Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex comparison

Portfolio Tracking At Mudrex 

The Mudrex Invest dashboard offers vital details, including the bots you have invested in, the total amount invested, the current value of the investment, the full returns in % of each bot, and the overall returns. 

Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex comparison

Portfolio Tracking At Pionex

At Pionex, users can view their portfolio details right on the dashboard home screen, as well as on my orders page. Details such as total investment, total gains, bot creation date, pairs it trades in, and the trading chart are available.

Pionex offers a detailed overview of the investments to the users, which is why it ranks at the top in post-investment tracking.

Post-Investment Tracking


#6 Exchanges Supported

The next question we answer is ‘How many exchanges does the platform support?’

Exchanges Supported By Kryll

Kryll supports multiple exchanges, such as KuCoin, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, HitBTC, Liquid and FTX.

Exchanges Supported By Mudrex

At Mudrex, users can invest through Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bybit, Deribit, OKEx and BitMex. 

Exchanges Supported By Pionex

Pionex is built as the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange with in-built trading bots. Therefore, users at Pionex have to deposit their funds in the account to trade. 

Kryll supports the most number of exchanges among the three platforms. Therefore, it receives the top rank here.

Exchanges Supported


#7 Community & Support

To help the traders, the next question we answer is ‘How easily can the platform solve my problems, and how do I reach them?’

Kryll Support

Users at the Kryll platform have access to a minimal FAQ page with the basics about the platform. These FAQs are spread across platform, account, and even the strategy builder to help users find the solutions to their issues. Moreover, Kryll also has email support, which is manageable in terms of speed. The platform boasts of a social media presence on almost all major channels, with active communities on Telegram and Reddit, along with an in-house community of investors.

Here’s how you can reach them:

  • Email:
  • Telegram:
  • Twitter:

Mudrex Support

Users at Mudrex can access a detailed FAQ section that contains answers to nearly all account-related problems one may face. Moreover, the platform also offers lightning-fast email support. Users can also visit the blog section of Mudrex, which features details about the platform and trading tips and strategies. The platform has active communities on Discord and Telegram, with a minimal presence on social media.

Here’s how you can reach Mudrex :

  • Email:
  • Discord:
  • Twitter:

Pionex Support

Pionex hosts a pool of helpful articles in its support centre, with details about recent announcements, new versions, tutorials and recent activities, among other things. It also has a FAQ section for users to refer to. It has an active social media presence and communities on Telegram and Reddit.

Here’s how you can reach Pionex:

  • Email:
  • Telegram:
  • Twitter:

Traders at Mudrex have access to lightning-fast support with a pretty helpful FAQ section. Therefore, it receives the top rank in the community & support.

Community & Support


#8 Referral Bonuses

Here we answer the question ‘How Can I Earn More With My Network?’

Kryll Referrals

Much like its pricing, Kryl’’s referral program also varies on the amount of KRL tokens you are holding. The referral program starts at 10% of all amount spent on the platform for the 0 KRL package and goes on to 45% of all amount spent on the platform for the 2,00,000+ KRL package. 

Mudrex Referrals

For each valid referred user, both the referrer and the referred user receive $25. Moreover,  the referrer will receive 50% of each referred user’s spend without any limits. The platform also occasionally adds referral bonuses, such as additional bonus or a chance to win impressive prizes.

Pionex Referrals

Pionex offers its users a chance to earn 100 BUB per valid referral. Users get 50 BUB when their referred user’s grid bot trading volume has hit 20,000 USDT and an additional 50 BUB when hitting 50,000 USDT. However, the low volume of BUB and the high requirements to earn them makes it virtually impossible for referrers to make genuine profits.

In any referral program, users often look for ease of earning with high profitability chances and a no or high ceiling on earning limits. Keeping these features in mind, we rank Mudrex at the top spot in referral bonuses.

Referral Bonuses


Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex — The Final Verdict

With this Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex review, it is evident that each platform has its own set of features that make it different. While they have certain limitations as well, all three platforms are well appreciated by the community. The crypto market is changing extremely fast, and choosing the best crypto trading platform is essential for any trade. We hope this Kryll vs Mudrex vs Pionex review helps you make better investment decisions by choosing the right platform for your crypto investments. However, before you start with any platform, make sure you do a deep dive into their workings, along with the crypto market dynamics as well.

While no one shoe fits all, similarly, no trading bot is perfect for all traders. However, through this review, one can say that Mudrex is the ideal automated trading platform for crypto traders. With an easy-to-use platform providing a stellar user experience, comprehensive security and an intuitive UI, Mudrex is the go-to platform for traders of all shapes and sizes. It is safe to say, Mudrex is the high-performing automated trading platform you are looking for.

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