Marketplace Update Jan 2020: 10 out of 12 make profits. 8 give >10% returns

Investors on the Mudrex Marketplace have been off to a great start in Jan. The auto-trading strategies or ‘bots’ have consistently provided better than expected returns to users and that has lead to the continued growth of the platform over the past 6 months.

While selecting strategies to publish on the marketplace, we look at those algos which provide consistent returns over >3 months. Investing cannot be done over the short term and users who understand this have been handsomely rewarded.

Jan 2020 Highlights

  • 10/12 strategies made a profit, 8 gave >10% returns
  • 312 live runs with ~0.7 Mn USD invested
  • 1 new strategy was published and 3 strategies got updated

Top Strategies

Jan 2020 was one of the best months for BTC. Price went up ~20%. Bitcoin has been trending overall and has been a great month for people who are long. Altcoins have been gaining too and it looks like we will soon be back in alt season!

BTC rallied all of the month | auto trading at Mudres


BlackFly: 24% returns

ETH has been rallying up all of Jan growing a whopping 30%. Blackfly caught almost all of that up move to become the best performing strategy of Jan 2020.

Top performing Strategy on Mudrex for Jan  | auto trading at Mudres

BTC/USD pair

Super: 22% returns

Super has been consistently giving great returns to our users. The creator of Super, JMOZ opened up to the readers of this blog last month telling a bit more to us about his story. Read it here.

Performance of Super, by Jmoz,an algo trading bot on Mudrex

AlgoTrades-Venus: 21% returns

Venus is a very close runner up. This is one of our oldest strategies on the platform and regularly features in the top strategies of the month! Mercury, another strategy by the same creator has also done pretty well giving 17% in Jan!

Most consistent algo trading bot, algotraders venus, live on Mudrex.

BNB/ USDT pair

Windmill Advanced: +14% returns

BNB has had a great last month rallying sharply by ~15%. Windmill Advanced has done remarkably well, giving investors ~14% returns! It is one of the oldest strategies on the marketplace and still performs consistently!

Giving good gains, month after month! | auto trading at Mudres

Auto-trading strategies on the Mudrex Marketplace go through constant churn. They are updated regularly by the creators who keep a lookout for changes in market conditions. Investors on these strategies are in constant communication with the creators and with the Mudrex team for help and support on our Discord Community.

If you haven’t already, then do join our Discord crypto community and our crypto trading blog.

Start growing your stack on the new Mudrex Marketplace!

Happy Trading!

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