Meet the traders of Mudrex: Massatox, creator of bot PrimusAlgo

Meet Massatox, author of the trading bots PrimusAlgo. His journey with Mudrex began in November 2019. PrimusAlgo bundles have been one of the best performing bots, having an average monthly return of 20% during the back-test period of September 2018 to March 2020.

In a recent conversation with him, we got to know more about him and his journey into the cryptocurrency universe. Here are some excerpts from the conversation.

A journey from IT industry to cryptocurrency –

Mudrex: Tell us something about your journey into cryptocurrency. 

Massatox: I had been an IT guy for over 20 years when until one day I met a trader. In the beginning, it wasn’t clear to me what he was really doing and trading seemed to be a puzzle I could not understand. For a non-trader like me, I only knew what I had seen in movies! However, it caught my attention and decided to go deep into trading. 3 months later, I quit my job and a new phase of my life began.
in early 2016, I started trading Forex and later towards the end of 2017 I came across Bitcoin. Since then trading for me has been only Bitcoin and nothing else.

What does crypto mean to you?

Crypto is changing the perception of money. It also gives financial freedom that most of us did not imagine before. Adding cheery to the top is blockchain technology which makes everything safe and secure.

The fact that you can be your own bank is mind-blowing. The volatility of the market and the gains you can make gives Bitcoin the edge over traditional markets.

– Massatox

On-boarding on Mudrex –

How did you come to know about us? What was your thought then and what are your thoughts now about Mudrex?

I came across Deribit’s post on Twitter that talked about them integrating with Mudrex. Like any other crypto platform, I was sceptical about using Mudrex first, thanks to the 100’s of crypto scams. But as it was Deribit who had integrated with Mudrex, I could develop the initial trust in Mudrex.
I saw huge gains on some strategies on Mudrex Marketplace (the older version on Mudrex Invest). Funny thing is that sometimes when a thing is too good it creates doubts in your mind. Mudrex was too good to be true! That is what happened to me too. Anyway, once I had started using Mudrex, I really loved it. I am a person who likes to trade but can not code and hence was not able to create an auto-trading Algo or bot. Mudrex Strategy Builder was the perfect solution.
Of course, the platform is young and still on its journey to be flawless but I can see that the team is working every day in the right direction.

Mudrex was too good to be true!

– Massatox

Massatox’s trading bots on Mudrex –

What can you tell the readers about your bundles: PrimusAlgo? 

I always wanted to build my own trading bot as I wanted something closely synced with my own trading style. My current bundles (more than 5 of those on different exchanges like Binance Futures, Bitmex, ByBit and Deribit) published on Mudrex Invest are swing trading strategy bots that aim to catch all the major trends over a period of few days to several weeks. Hence an investor is advised to be patient to see good returns.
Currently, PrimusAlgo bundles are for Bitcoin only, but more will be released for Ethereum soon.

What would you advise budding traders?

Traders should start manual trading with dummy money for at least six months before even thinking of using real money. Do not go over 3x leverage and try to learn as much as possible.

A trader’s 70% success depends on how well he understands and manages risk

– Massatox

We believe that Massatox’s bundles will do exceptionally well in the weeks to come. Do check it out and get amazing returns!

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