Meet the traders of Mudrex: Edd, creator of trading bot ‘BitHunter’

Edd has been trading full time since 2016. He joined the Mudrex community in Oct’19 and published his automated trading bot ‘BitHunter‘ on Mudrex Strategy Marketplace, in Nov’19.
BitHunter has been among our favourite bots live on Mudrex. Bot’s performance has been amazing and subscribers of the bot gained 11% (long-only) in just 3 months.
We recently got a chance to know more about him.

Mudrex: How did you start trading?

Edd: My trading journey started almost a decade ago. Early on, I got curious about trading by looking at trading lessons. Since then, I have spent a lot of time understanding how the markets work. I spent countless hours every day developing a perspective of different markets. This has helped me gain the right knowledge as a trader in the cryptocurrency market and since 2016, I have been trading crypto full time.

What do you still find amusing or strange about trading?

It’s surprising how little a person outside the trading world knows about trading. I remember an incident that still makes me laugh!

I suggested one of my friends to take a short position and he, out of curiosity, asked how can I sell something that I don’t own? For traders, ‘shorting’ is a usual term, but for newcomers, even basic concepts like leverage trading and its mechanisms are unknown and amusing.

“The decentralization concept introduced by crypto in the financial world is a game-changer


What triggered your interest in Crypto Market?

Blockchain technology and its applications for network strength, security and privacy are fascinating. The decentralization concept introduced by crypto in the financial world is a game-changer.

Back in 2013, I started mining altcoins with my computer as an experiment because of which I got interested in crypto. The first time I heard about Bitcoin, it was available just for a few cents. Unfortunately, I didn’t enter the market at that time and eventually joined when I started trading BTC in 2016.

“Mudrex platform is intuitive and you can build and test trading bots without the need to code anything”


Why Mudrex?

The announcement of a Mudrex-Deribit partnership introduced me to Mudrex in Oct 2019. The ability to trade in an automated way without code caught my eye! I immediately started developing a bot using Mudrex. The platform is intuitive and I could build and test trading bots without the need to code anything.

What was your first impression of Mudrex?

My first impression was very good. Mudrex customer support has been really strong and I want to thank them for the steady support.

Mudrex’s discord community is a strength of the platform. The community is very active, helpful and the members are one of the best, in terms of experience, I have found in a group. I won’t shy away from saying that the community has helped me improve my technical knowledge.

“The team is doing a great job in providing a simple, intuitive and reliable product.”


One thing that you absolutely love about Mudrex?

The frequent platform feature updates based on user feedback. Mudrex team does really listen to its users and I think it’s one of the main reason why the platform has been able to provide exactly what many traders and investors want. I personally am excited about the upcoming market v2 update.

Tell us about your trading strategy ‘BitHunter’ on Mudrex Marketplace.

BitHunter is a ‘trend-following’ strategy. I launched v1 on Mudrex in November’19. I improved the bot and updated it to v2 in Jan 2020. The key change was to identify trends in choppy markets and make money off it.

‘BitHunter’ has performed very well in last few months. Subscribers to the strategy gained 11% in BTC/USD market.

Earn money with crypto investments at Mudrex
10.79% return in 3 months

What is the secret of BitHunter’s consistent performance?

BitHunter monitors the market conditions 24 hours a day, comparing long timeframe based indicators to spot early signs of change in market momentum. It does multiple checks before confirming entry or exit from a trade.

What more improvements can we expect in BitHunter?

I am currently working on another upgrade, BitHunter v3 which will have the capability to quantify market’s volatility and can work better even when the market is less volatile. In that phase the strategy will turn off the main engine and use a completely different set of indicator values, with tighter settings, to take quick profits and avoid over-trading in the choppy zones, which in-turn will reduce loss making trades when market volatility is low.

What points should a user consider while back-testing their strategy on Mudrex?

Strategy backtest on Mudrex does give a lot of information on the performance and to evaluate the risk involved. A user shouldn’t focus only on the final output and but should also understand the trades the bot makes. They should know entries/exits points and learn where the strategy is doing good and where it isn’t. They should be sure that they feel comfortable with those settings before subscribing to the strategy.

A subscriber should get a sense of how the strategy performs during different market conditions. They should look at the realized and unrealized losses, the max drawdown, and recovery from drawdown.

Earn money with crypto investments at Mudrex

What are the important points an investor should take into consideration before investing in your strategy?

First of all, an investor should study the market they are investing in. Crypto market is one of the most volatile market. It is lucrative in terms of returns but comes with higher risk compared to traditional markets.

As for Bithunter, investor should keep in mind that Bithunter hunts the most extreme market conditions and is not risk-free. Leverage traders need to be extra careful and should not use high leverage.

What are your future plans with Mudrex?

Currently, BitHunter is young and has scope for improvements. Right now my focus is to publish another upgrade to it to make it safer.

I am in the process of creating another strategy which, unlike BitHunter, focuses on smaller and quicker profits. This reduces the risk of investing in a single strategy and investors can invest in the bundle of these two strategies – diversifying the investment and hedging risk.

Any trading advice to new investors in Crypto space?

Trading is not easy! The trading world is fascinating and people do earn good, but without the right knowledge, experience, and practice you will end up losing everything. It’s important to be informed about what’s going on in the markets.

My trading advice is that you should do your research. Follow good blogs like, viz Bitcointalk, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Medium and Reddit. Explore CT (Crypto Twitter) space and read the ideas, trading advice and analysis published there.

Automated trading can help an user make good investments without the stress and time that trading usually requires.

For more information on Mudrex and how to use the platform; checkout our YouTube channel and support docs.


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