Mudrex Dec 2020 Update: Referral Dashboard, Improved Mudrex Protect, Binance Coin Margined Futures, more

Dec 2020 is when it finally happened. BTC broke the elusive 20k ceiling and has now moved up to 23k with no signs of stopping. This has driven a massive bull run in the crypto markets and something that bots on Mudrex have adapted to very well! A lot of the bots on Mudrex Invest like Toshin Link (+197%)Chimera BTC(+97%), Wave v2 (+78%), captured the move and brought killer results for our users!

Mudrex users have been talking about us and inviting their friends to join the trading bot revolution since the day we launched. Referral Program driven by the Mudrex community has been our #1 channel of growth! ~50% of our users have come in because they heard good things about us from their friends.

For every user that joins via your code, we give you 50% of whatever we earn!

You can access the referral section from here and read details about the program here.

Key Highlights

  • This was yet another month when we broke all records. The number of registered users, investors, AUM, have now been growing at 40% MoM all without a dollar spent on marketing. All thanks to you guys!
  • Chimera Spot became our first bundle to get 100+ subscribers!
  • 18 New bundles got published on Mudrex Invest. we now have 5 bundles that have given 100% returns this year! You can check them out on the Mudrex Invest Dashboard.
  • Lots of users are creating high-quality videos about Mudrex!
  • Our trading community on discord is now over 1500 members strong! Users have been talking about newer ways to trade, strategies to invest in, and the weather in New Zealand! If you haven’t already, join the Mudrex Discord Community
Mudrex Dec 2020 Update

Product Update

Mudrex team was hard at work through the last month hashing out improvements. We spent a lot of time adding more options for traders and publishers and improving the core functionality to build a more robust and user-friendly Mudrex. The platform saw 5 small releases. Below are some of the important features launched recently:

Improved Mudrex Protect

We launched Mudrex Protect a few months ago and today 90% of bundles that are published on Mudrex Invest have Mudrex Protect. Based on all the feedback we got we have updated the terms of Mudrex Protect and made it simpler to understand and easy to execute for both users and creators.

New and improved referral Dashboard

We just released a brand new referral dashboard. That lets you track and see which of your referrals are in which state. Also helps you send them reminders to start going live.

Mudrex Dec 2020 Update

Binance Coin-Margined Futures

Binance launched coin-margined futures in Sept this year and users have been asking for the ability to trade on it ever since. I am happy to announce that we now have Coin Margined futures on Mudrex!

Mudrex Dec 2020 Update

Creator Profile pages

We want to create public pages for all our users so that they can showcase their strategies and creations. We launched a basic version of the same a few weeks back!

Other improvements

Apart from these, the team worked on numerous other improvements and bug fixes that have made Mudrex more reliable and easy to build upon. Some of them include:

  • Insufficient balance handling
  • Perc and trailing SL/TP for signal importer
  • Faster order processing

Up next

Over the next month, our focus is going to be adding better options for investors and improving the flow. Below are some of the exciting things the team is working on over the next month

  • Revamped UI
  • Separating calculation and execution assets
  • Multi-asset bundles
  • Code Editor
  • Index Funds on Mudrex
  • Realtime SL/TP
  • Limit orders

As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Check out the Mudrex blog for more information, and start investing with Mudrex today.

Feel free to reach out to us at!

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