Mudrex July 2020 Update: New Investment dashboard, Improved logs on pro-graph, increasing order retries and more

We launched Mudrex Invest in April 2020 and it already contributes to 75% of the trading volume on the platform. Since then we started focusing more on increasing transparency, making Mudrex invest easily available to users and also scaling our outreach initiatives.

Mudrex users have been talking about us and inviting their friends to join the trading bot revolution since the day we launched. We wanted to encourage users to not only tell their friends but also spread the word to the world! We recently launched the Mudrex Bounty Campaign for this!

Mudrex presents you an opportunity to win $7500 worth of prizes along with free Mudrex Pro subscriptions in an exciting and fun bounty campaign. Through this activity, we aim to spread awareness about Mudrex’s platforms which help users to automate their crypto trading and investments.

Mudrex Bounty Campaign

PS: We are always looking for people to help us create better content. In case you are interested in contributing, drop me an email on!

Key Highlights

  • We have been working a lot on improving user outreach. Twitter, Youtube, Medium, and TradingView accounts are all up and running. Read more about our outreach initiatives here.
  • Mudrex Twitter recently reached 1000 followers! TradingView has over 300 followers and we got to 100 followers on YouTube as well! The community keeps growing!
  • 6 New strategies got published on Mudrex Invest. You can check them out on the Mudrex Invest Dashboard.
  • Our trading community on discord is now over 1300 members strong! Users have been talking about newer ways to trade, strategies to invest in and the weather in New Zealand! If you haven’t already, join the Mudrex Discord Community
  • We have 2 new members joining the Mudrex Team as interns! We are now 18 members strong ..:)

Product Updates

Mudrex team was hard at work through the last month hashing out improvements. We a lot of time was spent on improving the transparency of data and building alerts to build a more robust Mudrex. The platform saw 2 major releases and many minor ones. Below are some of the important features launched recently:

Home Dashboard

Users have been asking us to give them the ability to view all their investments from one single place. And we did listen.. 🙂 We have just launched the first version of the home dashboard which gives info about your investments, published strategies, and more. This will now become the new default landing page for everyone

Mudrex Home Dashboard

Enhanced Logs

Last time we released a new logs section as a part of our initiative to build transparency in the Mudrex system. Transparency is a value we hold very close to our hearts at Mudrex. Being transparent is not only about how we pick and choose things to run but also about our execution capabilities.

We have now significantly improved how these logs can be viewed by applying them directly on the pro-graph.

Mudrex July 2020 Update

Its only been a week since launch and some of our users have already talked a lot about it. Join us on our discord channel and be a part of the conversation:

Mudrex July 2020 Update

8 New Indicators

Indicators are at the base of any strategy on Mudrex. Sometimes, users need custom indicators so that they build different kinds of strategies. We keep adding indicators to our list, and last month, have added 8 new ones this time. Some of them include

Adding an indicator is super easy for us. Send the script of the indicator you want to us and we can take it from there.

Infrastructure improvements

We have done a lot of work in improving the retry rate, making data alerts easily and readily available and improving execution time, all while reducing delays. The impact of a lot of these changes is not visible directly but significantly reduces failures and improves the resilience of the system. As a result, making Mudrex better for everyone.. 🙂

Coming soon!

As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Below are some of the exciting things the team is working on over the next month

  • Improvements in strategy building
  • Bundle Upgrading and Rebalancing in bundles
  • Code Editor

Check out the Mudrex blog for more information, and start investing with Mudrex today.

Feel free to reach out to us at!


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Happy Trading!

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