Mudrex Oct 2020 Update: The biggest addition to strategy building to date! Now import external signals to Mudrex

Oct 2020 was the month of Bitcoin. BTC rallied up ~30% since the start of the month. We are seeing a strong bullish sentiment in the markets, primarily driven by the stimulus, super low-interest rates, and a stamp of approval from companies like Square, MicroStrategy, and Paypal. A lot of the bots on Mudrex Invest like Toshin Link (+144%)Chimera BTC(+46%), Wave v2 (+35%), captured the move and brought killer results for our users!

Key Highlights

  • This was yet another month when we broke all records. The number of registered users, investors, AUM, have now been growing at 30% MoM all without a dollar spent on marketing
  • Our TradingView account was featured as a top author for 3 out of 4 weeks! We have over 1000 followers on TradingView now and growing fast!
  • 12 New bundles got published on Mudrex Invest. You can check them out on the Mudrex Invest Dashboard.
  • Lots of users are creating high-quality videos about Mudrex!
  • Our trading community on discord is now over 1500 members strong! Users have been talking about newer ways to trade, strategies to invest in, and the weather in New Zealand! If you haven’t already, join the Mudrex Discord Community.

Product Update 

‘External strategy’ is the culmination of a project that we originally thought of 1.5 years ago and finally started building 3 months back. Mudrex has created a state of the art order execution and tracking infrastructure and we wanted more users to get access to this same infra even if they want to generate buy/sell signals from outside of Mudrex. The best part, all of this is available for free! Below are key highlights

Creating External Signals Based strategies

When you create a strategy we now offer you two options. Creating a strategy using the visual builder or creating one using external signals. The external signals button takes you to a new flow that helps users set up a signal strategy in just a couple of mins. Read More about the API here.

Mudrex Oct 2020 Update

Sending strategy signals Manually

Traders can now send buy/sell signals to their strategies completely manually. This is very useful to price action traders who want to use Mudrex as a platform to monetize their price-action trading or just track how good their trading decisions are!

Mudrex Oct 2020 Update

Sending strategy signals using Webhook API

We made the external signal specifically for traders who already have their trading systems ready. All you need to do is just send API calls to Mudrex whenever your system decides to buy/sell. Read More about the API here.

Sending strategy signals from TradingView

Tradingview is a repository of 100k+ trading strategies. With Webhook based APIs, users can now easily send trading signals from their TradingVew strategies to Mudrex. All without paying any additional fees!

Mudrex Oct 2020 Update

Up next

Over the next month, our focus is going to be adding better options for investors and improving the flow. Below are some of the exciting things the team is working on over the next month

  • Index Funds on Mudrex
  • Multi-asset bundles
  • Separating calculation and execution assets
  • Code Editor
  • Realtime SL/TP
  • Limit orders

As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Check out the Mudrex blog for the latest in crypto, and start investing with Mudrex today.

Feel free to reach out to us at!

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