Mudrex Protect: Make profits or get your money back!

Mudrex Invest gives you access to alternative, high yield investment products we call ‘Bundles’. Each of these ‘Bundles’ has multiple trading strategies optimized to work together. 

Every investment option published on Mudrex Invest goes through rigorous testing by the creator and a multi-part review process by the Mudrex Team before being published. The creators constantly keep on improving these bundles. 

Despite going through multiple checks, there is no guarantee of returns for any of the investment bundles. This is because no one can predict the market and there is an inherent risk in investing in volatile assets. Creators cannot predict every kind of market condition and hence cannot prevent all losses but what they can do is not charge their own fee for the months when you have losses. 

Mudrex ensures that the creators only collect their fees if the investors make profits in a period specified by the creator. If not then Mudrex will refund the investor their subscription fees. This feature is called Mudrex Protect.

How it works for investors:

  • Mudrex Protect is an opt-in feature from the creator’s side
  • Creator defines a min investment time period in months.
  • The investor needs to stay invested for the entire of the min duration specified by the creator
  • In the rare scenario that the investor does end up in a loss, the investor can claim a refund for their investment fee

Getting started with Mudrex Invest

Step 1: Select a bundle you want to invest

There are multiple bundles that are listed on the Mudrex Invest for you to pick from based on your risk appetite, available exchanges, and preference.

Ideally, you should pick 3–4 different bundles and diversify your position.

Step 2: Add your API keys

You can go live on bundle only after adding your API keys. Mudrex supports multiple exchanges.

Step 3: Add a payment method

Mudrex has partnered with Stripe and CoinPayments and supports over 135 currencies, 30 crypto tokens, and also PayPal.

You can either add your card or add credits to Mudrex Balance.

Step 4: Invest funds and go live

Great you are now all set to go live! Click on Invest Now, allocate a budget, and sit back and relax!


A few quick references below:

Happy Trading!

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