Mudrex Treasury Fund Jul’21: 2.88% Returns

When we started building Mudrex in Oct 2018, we just wanted to solve our own problems. Automating trading was hard, finding quality strategies and signal providers was difficult, and the crypto world was filled with scams. We wanted to build a trustworthy, reliable, and scalable platform that just works and helps us grow our money.

2 years from that point, in Oct 2020, we made our first investment from the companies books. We paper traded for 6 months, ran countless backtests, and detailed risk analysis. After all, this was the company’s money, not something we could just afford to play with. Our literal survival depends on Mudrex having funds till we monetize at scale.

We started with a modest sum of 4000 USD and paid all the fees any other user would need to pay, but it marked an important point in our journey. Today we are at a 100k investment (that is 50% of our treasury size)! This is the first of many products we plan to offer in the future under the ‘Mudrex Fund’ umbrella. Over the next year, we plan to scale this up to ~20 Mn USD. Performance details below:

Jul 2021 Performance: 2.88% Returns

Jul saw markets recover just a tab bit. This momentum was well captured by both the Mudrex coin Fund and USD Fund did well and the Mudrex treasury fund continued its steady performance.

Our USD Fund saw a growth of 0.5% while the Coin Fund was up by 19% in USD terms. The overall value of the portfolio was up by ~3%. Diversification came to our rescue and saved us from what otherwise could have been a disaster.

Another significant factor in lower returns was slippage during order placement. Once Corrected it would potentially increase returns to ~5%.

Date range29th Jun– 30th Jul 2021
Initial Value97425 USD
Final Value100235 USD

Performance till date: +61.32% in 10 months

We started with paper trading to identify core strategies. 70% of the investment always goes into strategies that have a long performance history and have been well tested. This core is used to offer steady, month-over-month, consistent gains. The remaining 30% is distributed among less proven strategies that have shown a burst of growth in the recent past.

NAV 100 base196.3194.7168.5156.8161.3
NAV returns96.27%94.69%68.47%56.8%61.32%
Last 5 month performance

Investment History

We have steadily grown the investment amount from 4,000 USD in Oct to now 100,000 USD. We have had an average monthly return of ~5.32%. Returns over the last 10 months are 15% lower than the expected return of ~7% per month (based on 6-month paper trading history). As time progresses and the market calms down we expect the average to increase and plateue off.

Portfolio setup for Aug 2021

We have now taken a very different approach to portfolio building and adding more rules. ~70% of our portfolio is allocated to active long-term trusted algos and another 30% to newer algos with less proven live returns that are promising for the future. We saw a large correlation across algos and hence have chosen to reduce 11..

Our portfolio selection methodology now evaluates over 5Mn combination of portfolios across all algos optimizing for profit/drawdown. Post that we do a manual review and remove algos that are otherwise untested.

We have now contracted our Coin Fund to only focus on BTC and not look at ETH/BNB

Start date30th Jul 2021
Total Invested99932 USD(85k USDT +14932 USDT in coin)
Number of Algos11

Transparency is a value we strongly believe in. We think that more people can benefit from our analysis and hence we are opening up our entire portfolio for everyone to look at and get inspired from. We hope this helps users find the best options for their investment.


  1. Public sheet with Mudrex Treasury portfolio performance info and allocation
  2. Algos in USDT growth fund:
    1. Simon Says (20%)
    2. Divergent-BTC-BeachHouse (20%)
    3. Ace-ETH (20%)
    4. Volatility Trader(10%)
    5. Serenity 2.0 (10%)
    6. SafeSystems (10%)
    7. Omnibus(5%)
    8. ETH-USDT Multitimeframe(5%)
  3. Algos in Coin Growth Fund
    1. MisterCripto BTC Binance Coin Futures (35%)
    2. PrimusAlgo Scalp BTC (35%)
    3. Chimera BTC coin (Long Short)(30%)

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