Top Metaverse Tokens You Should Invest In

Since the world stepped into the new dimension of the Metaverse, the direction of the whole cryptocurrency market has taken a new route. If you are new to the Metaverse Tokens, you can check out this article on what is metaverse and how crypto will be its part.

The metaverse is expanding and will keep expanding just like the universe, and it is still not too late for you to take action and capitalize on the industry just coming into existence. But how do you do that? Where should you invest? What are the smart ways to invest in metaverse coins and not regret not investing?

Well, here we have curated a list of the five top coins for you to invest in. You can invest in these top metaverse coins in no particular order to reap the benefits of the metaverse expansion in the near coming future. But wait? What do the terms metaverse, metaverse tokens, and metaverse investing mean? In a nutshell, metaverse refers to the shift in the development of 3D virtual worlds and our interaction with technology. Metaverse tokens are the transaction commodity or the currency that people in the metaverse will use. People can sell, buy, and create tokenized funds and goods. There are many coins set to rise in value over the near future. Here is the best coin to invest in to step into the metaverse.

  1. AXS (Axie Infinity Shard)

AXS is built on the Ethereum blockchain with the highest supply of 270,000,000 AXS coins. AXS is similar to The Sandbox; it was made to use for the platform of Axie Infinity, which is a play-to-earn platform. It includes earning AXS tokens by trading, buying, and selling collectible monsters. The AXS tokens can be sold in the non-Fungible Token (NFT) market, and they can also be traded in the metaverse as metaverse tokens. The tokens can also be changed for ETH to purchase NFTs. AXS is showing massive potential for metaverse investing.

  1. MANA

Mana refers to the digital asset token used to purchase goods and services in the Decentraland. Decentraland is a virtual reality platform based on blockchain. It is a shared virtual platform similar to the metaverse. MANA is also built on the Ethereum blockchain with the standard token of ERC20. It can be sold or bought with fiat or other digital currencies. It can be preserved in a crypto wallet. MANA is one of the potential metaverse tokens that can be used for metaverse investing.

  1. ILV (Illuvium)

ILV is a fantasy battle game platform stimulation that provides a way of entertaining both the hardcore DeFi fans and the casual gamers with its range of trading and collecting features. There are many uses of the ILV tokens in the ecosystem of Illuvium. ILV tokens are also tradable in the metaverse, much like it is used as the main token in Illuvium to reward the players for their achievements in the game. What is unique to the Illuvium is the fully 3D world with more than 100 unique Illuvials.

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  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox refers to a virtual reality where the player can own, create, and monetize the gaming experience using the SAND token via the Ethereum blockchain. Digital assets can be created in the form of NFTs. How does it work? The platform gives the players true ownership of their formations with NFTs. It awards them in the interactions and transactions in the platform’s ecosystem, such as selling and buying items in the game, staking, transaction fees, etc.

  1. ENJ (Enjin Coin)

ENJ is short for Enjin Coin that has the primary aim of making use of non-fungible tokens easily for brands, businesses, and individuals. It is used to directly back the values of the non-fungible tokens that are minted in the ecosystem of Enjin. It is basically a software that provides the developers with the capability to manage and create virtual goods via the Ethereum blockchain. ENJ is also a good coin to start investing in the metaverse.


With the rise of the metaverse and its widening scope in the trading marketplace, a huge potential is being seen in the metaverse. The best coins to invest in that have huge potential in the metaverse are MANA, ENJ, YGG, ILV, AXS, etc. With the right trading strategy and proper risk management, you can also reap the benefits of this newly created reality, the metaverse.

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