What Is Crypto Staking?

Crypto staking is a technique used to verify blockchain transactions with proof of ownership in exchange for a reward. It is an action where a user blocks or stores their funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in servicing the operations of a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain system. Further, it is similar to cryptocurrency mining as it helps the network reach consensus by rewarding participating users. The “stake” coin ownership motivates the validators to keep the network secure.    

People who decide to stake their cryptocurrency will have to agree not to make any withdrawals until the end of the agreed duration. In addition to providing support and strengthening your network, it also increases scalability.

However, staking works differently from blockchain to blockchain. Some crypto assets are more likely to be backed by betting opportunities on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, which could make the process easier to navigate. Crypto staking networks usually allow the people who own tokens to transfer them to other users for verifying transactions and thus, receive a share of the reward. 

How Does Crypto Staking Work?

The staking process is a transaction where certain tokens are purchased in the network and supported by the proof-of-stake or proof-of-work (PoW) protocol. Once the purchase is made, the user must lock these tokens as listed by developers of that particular network. Some cryptocurrencies have introduced contingencies to support staking to compensate for the growing energy demand.

The higher the number of staked coins, the greater the number of nodes assigned to validate these transactions. These nodes are then used to rank for compensation based on the number of tokens a user holds, which is why staking has gained such momentum these days. 

When each block is introduced in the blockchain network, new crypto coins are minted as staking rewards and sourced to the block’s validator. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum offer to stake through PoW, as traditional mining requires extensive energy and high transaction fees. Staking minimizes the energy usage and reduces all overhead entry fees with a better validation strategy, ensuring security.

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How To Stake Cryptocurrency

To get started, you must own a cryptocurrency that supports staking and uses a PoS model. Some cryptos use PoW to add blocks, but it consumes tremendous energy and is not recommended considering environmental impacts. PoS is regarded as a safe investment because it provides better rewards even with processes that offer better rewarding probability.

Make sure to research interest returns annually and learn how they work. As a user, you should be confident about your investment on a long-term or short-term basis. Another consideration is that the reward rate depends on the network’s operating protocol, as none of the factors is constrained. Thus, the rewarding scheme also is not fixed. 

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and you must account for the price fluctuation. Other factors to analyze are market capitalization, trading volume, coins in supply, upcoming events, and projects. The best way to stake crypto is through an exchange or pool.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Stake

Here are a few of the best staking cryptocurrencies.

  • Ethereum: Initially, the model operated on PoW. However, it has slowly transitioned into the PoS model.
  • Cardano: Over time, it has proved to be a sound investment and is also an environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency.
  • Solana: Recently launched, Solana has gained considerable momentum. It is the best-performing asset in 2021 and the fourth-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Is Cryptocurrency Staking A Good Investment?

While it is a relatively new concept, staking has been compared to bank deposits. The rewards for staking crypto offers are conditional, based on your stake in proportion to the network. The higher the stake, the better the chance to receive consistent rewards. Thus, it is a passive income stream. 


The primary agenda of staking coins is to validate transactions and improve the security index of the network, helping it grow and become decentralized. Staking your coins is an excellent way to initiate a passive income stream, as they have a good risk-to-reward ratio. So why not look for a good staking coin and start earning some passive income.

if crypto staking is not your cup of tea, then you can start investing in crypto baskets based on top themes. Why invest in one token when you can invest in a whole basket? So, start investing now.

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