If you are starting your investing journey in Bitcoin, you are likely to ponder upon the question, “What is Satoshi?” You may be familiar with the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. However, his name has been imprinted on an important application for Bitcoin, which you may find surprising.

Let us simplify this for you. Suppose in your country, Bitcoin is accepted as a legal tender. You want to buy a hotdog worth $15. Now, for a single piece of hotdog costing $15, you aren’t going to pay an entire BTC worth thousands, correct?

The solution? You will need to break down 1 BTC into smaller units, and that’s where “Satoshi” comes in. Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Basically, it is Bitcoin’s smallest denomination. This denomination works on a similar line as any other legal currency. To get the answers to your question about what Satoshi is, the creation and value of Satoshi, and much more, keep reading.

What Is Satoshi, and Who Created It?

Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin that can be used for small-value transactions on the blockchain. It is like Paisa for the Indian currency and Cent for Dollar. Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous individual, created Bitcoin and also Satoshi. There were rumors about creators with other names as well, but Satoshi stuck around. It is known that Satoshi was coined in 2008.

In essence, Satoshi is the unit equal to one hundred millionths of one Bitcoin. This unit gives the power to Satoshi to process even granular transactions, enabling it with more purchasing power. It empowers Bitcoin users to make transactions that amount to less than 1 BTC.

Aside from Satoshi, there’s also Millisatoshi which is one hundred billionths of one Bitcoin. This one is used for minute transactions, which are typically rare in use. Lastly, for small retail investors, investing in a small fraction of Bitcoin is more feasible, given the price of Bitcoin is in the thousands of dollars.

How Does Satoshi Work?

The way Satoshi works exactly resembles how Bitcoin works on the blockchain. If you are talking about a quantity less than 1 BTC, you can use Satoshi as the prime denomination. You can also mention more than 1 BTC in the form of Satoshi by breaking its own. Think of it as a Rupee divided among Paisa; it works in the same manner as a Rupee. 

Bitcoin is now accepted as a payment mode for goods and services in many nations. Satoshi is an excellent unit to pay for them and more accessible to express in single units rather than using Bitcoin in the decimal form. 

Not only this, but Satoshi is also important for small-scale investors who want to invest in Bitcoin with limited funds. Satoshi is often referred to as SAT by investors and miners.

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Why Is It Called a Satoshi Unit?

Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. Satoshi is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, so we can say that the Satoshi unit is coined after this anonymous creator of Bitcoin. The name is a moniker used for the individual or the group of individuals that developed the Bitcoin crypto in 2008. 

Satoshi Nakamoto had been actively participating in the creation and evolution of Bitcoin and blockchain until 2010 when he suddenly disappeared without being seen or heard from again. What’s interesting is that Satoshi Nakamoto was not the first person to come up with the idea of cryptocurrency. But he did solve the issues of double spending in digital currency. And he is believed to hold around 1 million BTC!

How Important Is the Satoshi Unit?

Subunits like Satoshi increase the efficiency of crypto coins. While it has many benefits, some of the important ones are as below. 

1. Default blockchain denomination

It’s a tedious job to do calculations and conversions on Bitcoin on your own. Thus, having Satoshi as a default currency makes the job of conversion easier. 

Satoshi also frames the foundation for Satoshi’s source code, which helps to specify the specific number of BTC coins. Satoshi also helps define rewards, fees, and price per byte, enabling each transaction to be reflected more simply. 

2. Easy conversion to fiat currency 

Bitcoin has the goal of eventually getting accepted as legal tender. When that time comes, it will need to mirror the fiat legal tender such as the Dollar or Rupee. It will also need to have subunits for smaller transactions, such as ones in Cents and Paisa.

Subunits are not necessarily part of all currencies, but they make transaction settlement easier and faster.

3. Facilitates smaller value transactions

As we said earlier, if Bitcoin starts to get accepted as a payment mode for regular necessities on a larger scale, you would not pay in 1 Bitcoin every time. For example, if you buy a biscuit for Rs. 10, you would not give the shopkeeper an Rs. 2,000 note. 

You are likely to provide an Rs. 10 note. This Rs. 10 note makes your transactions easier, especially the smaller-value ones.

In this same way, Satoshi is also important to undertake smaller value transactions. 

When Was the First Satoshi Created?

On November 15, 2010, BitcoinTalk user Ribuck proposed the one-hundredth of a bitcoin (0.01 BTC) be called a Satoshi. Four months later, he called for the one hundred millionth unit to be called an Austrian or a Satoshi. However, the term, Satoshi, gained popularity, and the name, Austrian, disappeared eventually. 

Usually, the plural form of Satoshi is also called Satoshi, but “Satoshis” is also acceptable. Till today, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is obscured, an extensive investigation led to the conclusion that Dorian Nakamoto is the creator, but he continues to refute the claim. 

How Many Satoshis Does a Bitcoin Have?

A Satoshi is approximately one hundred millionths of 1 Bitcoin. That’s 0.00000001 BTC. Meaning 1 Satoshi equals USD 0.0004223498, and 1 USD is worth 2373.177 Satoshi. 

Just like we refer to dollars as USD, Satoshi is also written as SATS. Its value was proposed by Ribuck, as we talked about in the earlier section. 


As crypto grows in popularity and usage, new innovations take place to make the lives of investors and users easier. Satoshi is one such example. There are also many new subunits that have been introduced, like millibitcoin, microbitcoin, and millisatoshi. Satoshi was created for users’ convenience, and with time and new concepts like this, crypto users can understand and utilize this digital currency efficiently.


1. How much is one Satoshi worth?

Satoshi is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin. The worth of one Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC or USD 0.0004223498. Breaking down Bitcoin into smaller parts helps crypto users to undertake Bitcoin transactions with ease. 

2. Is Satoshi the same as bitcoin?

Satoshi is not the same as Bitcoin; it is a subunit of Bitcoin. So, if we want to address bitcoin in a smaller unit for a transaction or purchase, it would be Satoshi. This is the same as Rupee and Paise or Dollar and Cents. 

3. How can I buy Satoshi?

You can buy Satoshi on an online cryptocurrency exchange. When you buy Satoshi, you are buying or investing in Bitcoin only. This can be done via any online crypto exchange platform or exchange that provides this facility.

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