5 Reasons Why Mudrex Is As Secure As It Can Get!

Mudrex Security

Safeguarding your funds and privacy is our number one priority at Mudrex. The major hindrance that a lot of investors face is ensuring that their funds would remain secure. The internet is rife with stories of hacking, frauds and scams in and around the crypto world. Owing to this, it makes an investor pause before deciding whether to venture into cryptocurrency at all.

Not only the investors but also traders face ambivalence when it comes to choosing a platform for trading. The biggest glitch in their minds is whether the trading platform is secure for their transactions. This is why we have kept our focus on enhancing Mudrex security. The purpose of this blog is to answer these questions in the minds of our potential customers.

How Mudrex Is Totally Secure For Crypto Investments

1. We Are An Official Binance Broker

Trusted by millions across the globe, Binance ensures that users can trade securely across the platform. To empower the crypto ecosystem, Binance initiated the Binance Broker program which helps other platforms leverage the power of Binance’s market-leading crypto exchange. Only a small number of platforms are part of the program, one of which is Mudrex. Therefore, you can trust Mudrex completely.

2. Your Mudrex Wallet Is Protected By 2-Layered Security

The Mudrex wallet, powered by Binance, is the easiest way to invest in Mudrex. The wallet is 100% safe and secure, and completely under your control. To strengthen the security protocols, the wallet runs on 2-layered protection, which includes 2FA and email confirmation. The 2FA is executed through Google Authenticator, ensuring even better security.

3. Trade Through Your Exchange Wallet With API

For a seamless trading experience, you can connect your favourite cryptocurrency exchange to Mudrex using API integration. Mudrex supports some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, ensuring that you can trade through your own exchange wallet. Moreover, through the API integration, Mudrex does not have withdrawal permissions, which means your funds stay in your wallet. Mudrex only gets the permission to trade and place orders on the exchange.

4. State Of The Art Encryption

Mudrex is hosted on secure technologies, that include AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. Moreover, all data passes through AES 256 encryption, and the access to this data is limited by IP addresses, ensuring limited access. We also use state-of-the-art monitoring and alerting infrastructure to make sure maximum uptime. Therefore, everything is always secure, always up, and always running. 

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5. Backed By Industry Experts

Mudrex is backed by renowned organisations such as Y Combinator and AngelList. Mudrex has also been featured in Forbes and Bloomberg.

We have taken the right measures to make your trading journey on Mudrex easy and safe at every step. We also offer lightning fast support that is available to solve all your issues. You can contact us at help@mudrex.com. You can also join our Discord and Telegram communities.

Our 35,000+ users already appreciate and trust us for our platform’s safety and transparency. You too can start trading safely with Mudrex.

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