Announcement: Launching India’s Most rewarding referral programme

We’re thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our referral program, effective from May 30, 2024. These changes are designed to help you earn more and capitalize on every opportunity that comes from introducing friends to our platform. 

Greater Rewards

  • What’s New: We’re changing the reward you earn from 2% of assets under management (AUM) to 50% commission on the transaction fees your friends pay when they buy and sell coins on Mudrex.
  • Benefits: This significant increase means that your potential earnings will now directly correlate with the activity of your referrals. The more they trade, the more you earn!

Instant Reward Disbursement

  • What’s New: Rewards will now be credited instantly, right after your friend completes a transaction.
  • Benefits: You no longer have to wait until the end of the month to receive your earnings. This change ensures that your rewards are immediate, enhancing your cash flow and satisfaction with our platform.

Additional reward for limited period only

In addition to the 50% commission, you both make 10,000 Shiba Inu each on your friend’s first successful deposit on Mudrex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mudrex Referral Program?

With our new refer & earn programme, you can earn up to 50% commission on transaction fees charged on your friend’s coins trading activity. Additionally, you both make 10,000 Shiba Inu each on your friend’s first successful deposit on Mudrex.

How do I participate in the referral program?

To join the referral program, just open the Mudrex app, head to the profile section, and click on refer & earn. From there, either copy your unique referral code or share a referral link. Share these details with your friends, and when they join and invest, you’ll start earning rewards.

When will the referral rewards be credited to my account?

Referral rewards will be credited instantly as your friend buys/sells a coin on Mudrex. 

What will happen to the rewards I made through the old referral programme?

You will not miss out on your old rewards that are already disbursed. However, going forward you will make money on your friends’ coins buy/sell activity and not on their holdings. 

Can I see the users I previously referred to in the “Refer and Earn” section?

Yes, if you referred a friend during our 2% per annum AUM referral reward programme, you can find those referred friends in the refer and earn section. 

Is there any TDS applicable?

No, there aren’t any TDS deductions from Mudrex on your rewards.


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