Christmas At Mudrex Just Got Bigger!

Mudrex Christmas Campaign

It’s Christmas time, and Mudrex comes bearing gifts. The year 2021 has been tremendous for us, and it is time to give it back. 

To celebrate the joy of giving, we are announcing some great rewards for our users.

A Wrapped $25 USDT Awaits You

To kick off the festive season, all new users who join Mudrex will receive a free gift of $25 USDT in their Mudrex Wallet that they can invest in Mudrex products. But as Christmas lasts for a few hours, the rewards once claimed are only valid for 48 hours before they vanish. Why not try out the platform with this free gift before you add your own money? 

Invest In Mudrex Coin Sets

Mudrex Coin Sets have been the star since they were launched. These idea-based crypto baskets let you invest in ideas you believe in, rather than just investing in a single token. Now, invest in Mudrex Coin Sets for as low as $10 and start your investment journey on Mudrex.

P.S: Your free $25 USDT works perfectly with Mudrex Coin Sets, and we recommend diversifying your investments to minimise your risk.

Spread The Joy — Mudrex Referral Program

What’s Christmas without everyone spreading joy with their loved ones? You too can spread the joy with the Mudrex Referral Program. Every friend you refer gets a free gift of $25 USDT which they can invest in Mudrex products. Once they make their first investment, you get $10 in your Mudrex Wallet. With the Mudrex Referral Program, you can earn up to $150 in your Mudrex Wallet with immediate bonus delivery once conditions are met.

The All-Secure Mudrex Wallet

The Mudrex Wallet is your own safe and secure crypto wallet right in Mudrex. Powered by Binance, the Mudrex Wallet helps you buy more crypto, deposit from other wallets, convert from one crypto token to another, transfer between spot and futures wallet, or withdraw crypto to your other wallets. If you are a Mudrex user, your Mudrex Wallet has been automatically created. New users can create their account and enjoy the all-powerful Mudrex Wallet, without breaking a sweat. 

Since this wallet is built for investments, security and reliability are its core. With the Mudrex Wallet:

  • No more hassles of connecting your API keys
  • Zero fees to deposit from your Binance Wallet
  • Maximum reliability on your trades

So what are you waiting for! Claim your free rewards today and start investing.

Celebrate Christmas With Mudrex


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