A set of a unique string of characters representing the crypto wallet where the assets can be sent to or received from is called the crypto address. It indicates the location on the blockchain network where the crypto assets have been stored. Most of the addresses are designed such that they can receive and accept crypto only once.

A bitcoin address comprises of 26-35 alphanumeric characters that usually begin with the number 1,3 or bc1. In case of a transaction, the bitcoin wallet generates a bitcoin address that lets the user send or receive crypto assets. A new address is generated for a new transaction. An address cannot contain a balance like that of a crypto wallet.

Addresses on a blockchain are public by nature and can be viewed with the help of a blockchain explorer. The number of assets present in that asset can also be seen using the blockchain explorer. However, to maintain the anonymity of the user these addresses are anonymous or pseudonymous making it difficult to find the identity of the person owning that address. The addresses where the identity of the user is known are typically handled by crypto exchanges and token developers.