Block Explorer

The details of a block on a blockchain can be viewed using an application called a block explorer. It directly connects the desired blockchain to the user to view and verify individual blocks. This provides the users with transparency around the transactions or other actions made by the holders of that crypto asset. Block explorer is also known as block browser.

Block explorers play a key role in providing the decentralization and the transparency that the crypto industry seeks. This is what makes crypto assets different from traditional assets. Some of the popular block explorers available online are Mempool, Blockstream, Bitupper Explorer, etc. Every block contains information such as age of the block, block height, and the block reward along with the identity of the miner of the block. It also contains the number of transactions present in the block as well as the status of transaction. To explore specific transactions, the user must input the required information in the block explorer, say its TXID. Block explorers come really handy in maintaing the transparency of a blockchain network.