Break-Even Point (BEP)

Break-even point is a financial term used to express a condition where the total revenue generated is equal to the total cost. Break-Even Point (BEP) is a numerical value indicating a point where there is neither profit nor a loss and all the expenses are covered. From technical analysts to traders, break-even point provides great insights into the asset. The financial position of the asset among many others in the portfolio is understood by the BEP.

BEP indicates a balance position and is believed to be one of the good indicators to determine the potential of the asset. If an asset meets its BEP, it is quite probable that it might break out from this zone and move to a position generating profits. Knowledge of the BEP is often employed by crypto miners to understand the interaction between potential profits and operating costs. Since crypto mining is quite an expensive affair, a good understanding of the BEP helps crypto miners estimate their positions better.