Buy The (F*******) Dip (BTD/BTFD)

Buy the f******* dip or BTFD is a crypto slang that suggests the investor purchase a particular crypto asset when the price of the asset sees a sharp fall or there is a dip in price. This strategy is followed by crypto bulls who seek an opportunity to purchase a particular asset whenever there is a slight decline in the prices. These traders come with the ideology that it is always good to buy a certain crypto asset whenever there is a drop in its prices. This is done with an underlying expectation that the price of the asset shall increase in the near future.

A bull market is one where there is a sustainable rise in prices. Buying the dip is considered to be one of the reasons why the bull market sustains for such a long time. This makes the buyers buy at low dips, which helps them earn profits eventually when the market follows the uptrend. However, one must only buy the dip when they are confident about the asset and have done their own research. This strategy can go wrong if the price of the asset continues to decline. In such cases, the trader might end up with a bag full of worthless coins. Therefore, it is important to study the trend and pattern before buying the dip.