Decentralized Social Media

The blockchain based social media platforms that use blockchain technology to power themselves are called decentralized social media. The activities of the users on such platforms are not monitored and observed by any centralized party like in the case of centralized social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter generate revenue by advertising content to the user, thereby giving these giants a lot of power to control what the user sees and consumes. The primary aim of these companies is to make a profit, and therefore, advertising as much as possible helps them achieve their goal. Simply put, rather than social media acting as a product to the user, the user behaves as a product to the advertising giants.

With the advent of decentralized social media, users now have the freedom to use the platform in whatever way they like without any restrictions. Of course, there shall be a few guidelines that the user must abide by. However, they won’t be as strict as the centralized ones. In the case of decentralized social media, user privacy is enhanced along with the user having complete ownership of their data. This stops the sale of user data to advertising companies and other unknown parties which was one of the major flaws in the case of centralized social media platforms.