Dex Aggregator

There are two types of crypto exchanges that help investors invest money in crypto assets, namely centralized crypto exchange and decentralized crypto exchange. DEX aggregators basically behave as unified explorers for liquidity and prices offered by the decentralized exchanges (DEXs). With the rise in popularity of crypto assets and usage of decentralized exchanges, DEX aggregators have become of significant use.

Varying prices are offered by various decentralized exchanges and DEX aggregators help investors find the best deal for trading their crypto pair. More and more crypto investors have started to turn their faces towards decentralized exchanges as they provide better security and prove a better fit, given the intrinsic characteristics of the crypto assets. With the rise in the number of crypto assets along with the increase in the number of DEX aggregators, it becomes extremely difficult for any crypto investor to find the best possible pricing and liquidity. DEX aggregators in such situations have a vital role to play. DEX aggregators are run by complex algorithms that take into account several factors to select the best possible provider for a particular token swap. This doesn’t just saves a lot of time for the investor but also protects them from manual effort to be put in which otherwise would have been required.

Imagine services like MakeMytrip or Google Flights that present you with several options to choose from for the same deal as per your comfort. Similar to these applications, the DEX aggregators complete several calculations and provide the users with options to choose from to conduct their trades and achieve the best possible price for the swap. All these calculations are carried out within seconds, which otherwise would have required a lot of time if done manually by the trader.