Haha Money Printer Go Brrrrr

A popular interent meme that surfaced in the 2020 which depicts an young man yelling at an elderly person from the Federal Reserve to print money in order to fight the economic downturn seen during the covid crisis.

In 2020, a Twitter user posted a meme showing a young guy pleading with the Federal Reserve not to artificially inflate the economy by creating more money to fight the crisis, to which the older man from the Federal Reserve answered with, “haha, money printer go brrr”. This imaged gathered more than 16000 likes and 3000+ retweets in less than a few hours.

This meme came as a retaliation to the Federal Reserve’s annoucement of increasing the liquidity of the stock market by injecting $1.5 trillion to save the economy from the COVID-19 crisis. This meme became famous among the crypto enthusiasts as the existence of crypto is to challenge the existing traditional financial methodologies.