Listing is one of the most important steps of launching a crypto project on an exchange. Listing on crypto exchanges helps the project garner attention from traders across the globe and thereby increasing the visibility of the crypto project. Many projects often do not understand the need of getting listed on a crypto exchange but there are several reasons why the listing is important.

Through listing, tokens are available for sale. The traders from the project community be able to freely trade, buy and, sell the token, thereby providing the project a chance to succeed. The listing even helps the projects to expand into new markets and grow their community. Depending on several principles, different projects have different communities. Getting listed on a crypto exchange helps the project enter new markets. Some exchanges operate globally and the listing of projects on such crypto exchanges provides them with a chance to garner a global community.

Listing on crypto exchange acts as an opportunity to boost the trading volume and liquidity, and also allows the project to attract the attention of other exchange users, in turn growing their community.