Megahashes Per Second

In simple words, a megahash is the unit of measurement of the hash power or the computational speed of the crypto miner. The number of megahashes that can be processed per second is called megahash per second (MH/s). There are 10,00,000 hashes in one megahash. Therefore, a miner with a hash rate of 2 MH/s can process hashes up to 20,00,000 per second. This metric becomes of high significance as the higher the hash rate, the more likely a miner can validate the block and earn the reward.

People who have an interest in block mining or want to keep a track of their performance must have an understanding of megahashes. While megahash is an incredible speed to validate a block, not all crypto assets need a hash power of a megahash. Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto asset by market cap uses a hash rate of gigahash (GH/s). However, for other crypto assets, MH/s is the standard of the unit for measurement of the hash power.