Multi-Coin Wallet

As the name suggests, a multicoin wallet is a crypto wallet that supports more than one crypto asset. A multicoin wallets makes it easier for an investor to trade their coins or tokens on decentralized exchanges since all the tokens are present in one wallet. It streamlines the entire process of keeping track of the entire portfolio.

Crypto wallets play a crucial role for users who wish to secure their assets off of exchanges. There are wallets that hold only one crypto asset or a group of only a few crypto assets based on the blockchain network. There are many wallets that support Ethereum-based tokens only. Multi-coin wallets come in handy in such chases. There are added benefits of a multi-coin wallet such as including hundreds and thousands of crypto assets in one location and receiving passive rewards from staking them. There are several integrations that help the users directly interact with various DeFi protocols. One such example of a multi-coin wallet is AtomicDEX.