OpenSea is the world’s largest decentralized non-fungible marketplace where users can easily buy, sell and trade non-fungible tokens or NFTs. NFTs are unique, non-fungible, collectible digital assets that have a monetary value associated with them. One NFT is unique in itself and cannot be traded with another NFT for the same value. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be in-game items, avatars, trading cards, music, art, etc.

OpenSea calls itself the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace. Just as you can buy physical goods in a marketplace, OpenSea is an application where digital assets like NFTs are available for purchase and sale. OpenSea was founded by Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer in 2017 in New York City. Soon, the duo entered the company into the famed Y combinator startup accelerator and received a hefty amount of $2.7 million as funds. Non-fungible tokens started catching fire during the bull run of 2021.

Crypto trading provided an early blueprint for the current rise in NFT trading. Global trading of NFTs across big decentralized marketplaces like OpenSea indicates that the digital native era is super close. OpenSea marketplace lets users create and set up their own NFT collection. OpenSea supports various types of NFTs on its platform, narrowing down the categories to music, domain names, art, virtual worlds, utility NFTs, collectibles, sports assets, trading cards, etc. OpenSea has some of the most sought-after and expensive NFTs to date.