Satoshi Nakamoto

The pseudonym for the creator or group of creators of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. This person or group of individuals wrote the whitepaper of Bitcoin, which acts as the blueprint for the world’s largest crypto asset by market cap. It is a highly detailed cryptographic document explaining each and every activity undertaken by Bitcoin.

There are numerous people who have been mistaken for Satoshi Nakamoto while a few went to great lengths to clear their names for the misunderstanding. There were people who were doubted to be Satoshi Nakamoto after a linguistic analysis of the whitepaper was conducted and some distinctive phrases were matched with some of the published works.

There are people like Craig Wright who claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. However, such moves have been largely criticized by the crypto community. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery to the entire crypto industry. The last message from this person or group of people was seen on December 2010 on the famous BitcoinTalk forum.