Seed Phrase

A seed phrase, often known as the recovery phrase, is a series of words generated by the crypto wallet which gives the user access to their crypto kept in that wallet. It is similar to the password of a phone or personal computer. This is the only way to get access to the crypto kept in those wallets, and hence, is of significant importance.

A seed phrase is randomly created using software present in the crypto wallet. While generating a seed phrase, the software depends upon the private key input by the user. Then the software generates a sequence of words from a long list of English words called the BIP39 list. Users can even generate their own random seed phrase which can then be imported to the device that is being used to store the crypto assets.

There are various lengths in which seed phrases are used; they can be 12, 15, 21, and even 24. Investors are often instructed to use 24-word length seed phrases for enhanced security. This increases the complexity of the passwords, thus, making it almost impossible for malpractitioners to get access to your crypto assets.