TRC-10 is the native token of the Tron blockchain network. This token is used for basic token production. It is a technological token standard that needs no TRON Virtual Machine and is backed up by the TRON blockchain system. This can be accessed with the help of API. The transaction fees for TRC-10 are 1000 times lower as compared to TRC-20 but it requires an additional bandwidth for API deposits and transactions.

A minimum of 1024 TRX is required for a TRON user to generate a TRC-10 token. The tokens can be locked up by the account holder individually. The issuer of the token must specify the overall value, token name, circulation length, maximum bandwidth, TRX conversion rate, definition, token stake, and overall bandwidth points usage while producing this token.

TRC-10 tokens were also a part of the Ethereum blockchain network until the mainnet of the TRON network was launched. After which these tokens were exchanged and moved to their own blockchain network. TRC-10 tokens are compatible with almost all major crypto wallets, and in several cases, are completely free.