Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains (UD) is an organization selling blockchain-based domain names. Instead of having long crypto addresses or numerous accounts, users can just have a unique domain name. With this unique domain name, users can use it to link their wallet addresses with eligible exchanges and wallets. The domain can also be used as a website domain for a decentralized platform.

Crypto assets are changing the way people interact with the internet. It is the decentralized nature of blockchain technology that is bringing about the revolution. Having decentralized domain names is one step further into this tech and innovation. These domain names can be stored in the wallet of a user just like a non-fungible token. Therefore, they are the only people who have access to this domain name. These domains have high security and are under the possession of the owner.

In order to have a domain of your own, you must have access to Unstoppable Domains. With a single click, you can check whether the name you are looking for is available or not. There are different domain variants available for different prices and can be picked from the lot depending on the price that suits you.