When Moon

A common phrase as well as a meme within the crypto community, signifying an appreciation of the value of a crypto asset, is known as When Moon. It is most commonly used on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. It is considered to be the short form of the phrase, “When will it go to the moon?”

According to crypto experts, when moon also denotes the humorous side of the same phrase. One of the meanings is conveyed by the impatience of a short-term trader who thus is unable to complete the entire sentence while the other absurdity is pointed out by asking such an unpredictable question. In the crypto space, the word mooning is associated with the drastic increase in the price of the crypto asset.

In layman’s terms, the price is considered to be so high that it shall reach the moon. However, it is impossible for even an expert trader or investor to predict when the price of a particular crypto will rise. Investors must always be cautious of their wealth and perform due diligence before investing in any crypto asset.