How Did Mudrex Execute Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza day

Exactly a month ago, I shared a post about Mudrex’s “Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign” and how they executed the campaign to connect with their target audience and enhance their brand reach. 🍕🚀

Mudrex, a specialised cryptocurrency company who helps people with autopilot smart crypto investment, organised the campaign on May 22nd which was ‘The Bitcoin pizza Day’. 

Here’s a snapshot of what they did:

1️⃣ Social Media Giveaway 

2️⃣ Local Brand Partnership/Collaboration 

3️⃣ Offline Channel Activation

Curious about how the campaign fared, I reached out to the Mudrex team to gain insights. After all, it’s not just about planning and execution—it’s about the results! 💪

So, let’s dive right into it:

📅 Planning commenced on Thursday, the 18th. 

⏱️ The campaign was executed within just 2 DAYS! 

⏰ It ran for two days, May 21st (Sunday) and 22nd (Monday). 

💰 The total campaign execution cost amounted to Rs 6,00,000.

As mentioned in my earlier post, the primary focus of the campaign was to boost “Brand Awareness” and identify channels that effectively reach the following audience: 

👥 Working class aged 25+ 

🌆 Metro/Tier 1 cities

Now, let’s assess how this investment paid off. 💼💥

  1. Omni Channel execution

    Multiple online and offline channels were used to distribute information about the event, including Instagram, Email & Blogs, LinkedIn, InApp, Press Releases and offline Partnerships.
  2. Social Sharing and Brand’s share of Voice

    The company’s LinkedIn impressions reached 100,000 during the campaign

    Now what contributed to this?

    • The campaign was shared by all the Mudrex employees resulting in 40k+ impressions, 800+ likes and 40+ shares
    • Plus the 300 companies who received pizzas, more than 60% of them shared about their experience on the social networking platform. Thus contributing to the brand’s Share of Voice on Linkedin
  3. Social Media Giveaway + Partnerships

    The Instagram give away campaign, garnered a notable reach of 218,000

    Now, what contributed to this?
    • Mudrex utilised their “WAGMI” community who played a key role in distribution of the campaign on Social Media primarily Instagram
    • Considering the community has all the young folks active on Instagram, who are deeply passionate about Web 3.0 and can get the reach that was also relevant for Mudrex, it was a no brainer.
    • WAGMI, denoting ” We are All Gonna Make It”, is a Student-Led Community. It provides a vision for a democratised future with like-minded people, who wish to see the revolution of decentralisation via Web 3.0.

How was the giveaway executed?

  • The Social Media giveaway campaign promised a free pizza to everyone who commented on the post and tagged their friends.
  • But as the team had less time for planning they could not plan for fulfilment partners
  • This resulted in them not being able to give the free pizzas as promised
  • So in turn the team reached out to the applicants, and gave them two choices either to get Rs 500 worth of Bitcoin on their Mudrex account Or to get a Rs 250 Amazon voucher.
  1. Local Partnership / Collaboration

    Mudrex distributed nearly 100 pizzas that day in Via Milano that would have resulted in 100 unique sign ups on the app.
  1. Business Impact:

    The event also contributed to increased app instals, highlighting the positive response from the audience resulting in 200+ sign ups on the day of the campaign, 35% increase in organic installs throughout the week and overall 100,000+ impressions.

As is with any campaign, there is always learnings along the way, so that we can improve and get better. 

According to me, below are things which I feel could have been done better?

  1. Extended Planning Time:

    The campaign execution timeline was very short, with only two days for planning and execution. This limited time frame might have affected the team’s ability to fully explore all possible channels and partnerships. Allocating more time for planning could have allowed for better coordination and improved results.
  2. Fulfilment Partners:

    The social media giveaway campaign promised free pizzas to participants, but due to the limited planning time, the team could not secure fulfilment partners. This led to a shortfall in delivering what was promised to participants. It is crucial to plan logistics and partnerships in advance to ensure smooth execution and fulfilment of campaign promises.
  3. Pre-campaign Buzz Generation:

    To generate more buzz and anticipation before the campaign, the Mudrex team could have leveraged pre-campaign teasers, sneak peeks, or announcements across social media channels. Building excitement ahead of time can create anticipation and drive engagement when the campaign launches.
  4. Influencer Engagement:

    Collaborating with relevant influencers or thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and investment space could have significantly amplified the campaign’s reach. Influencers can help expand the target audience and lend credibility to the campaign message.

This is a guest post by Stuti Agarwal.


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