How to identify fake websites and avoid scams

Scammers are experts at creating false trust and legitimacy. They often attempt to gain trust of their victims before scamming them. In this blog, we’ll uncover how scammers create fake websites to deceive people. We’ll also offer practical tips to help you recognize and dodge these scams.

How do scammers get you

Lately, scams have increased on platforms like Telegram or WhatsApp. Here’s what typically happens:

  1. Scammers contact you through apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, offering jobs or investment opportunities. They target students, job seekers, and those looking for extra income.
  2. Initially, they ask you to complete simple tasks, like writing a Google review for a restaurant or a Play Store review for an app like Mudrex. You get paid for each task.
  3. As they earn your trust, they assign more tasks where you must invest on a fake Mudrex website and in case you wish to withdraw your money, they’d demand paying more.
  4. Eventually, the scam deepens, leading to significant losses.

How to spot a fake website

Scammers try to replicate many details from original websites. The scam website could seem authentic because it may contain the same colors, layouts, logo and images from the original website. Here are a few ways you can spot a fake Mudrex website and distinguish it from our original website: 

  • Check the Website Address: Pay close attention to the website’s address. Scam sites often try to imitate well-known brands such as Mudrex to scam users. They may use the same logo, images and colors to trick the users into believing that it is real. Below are a few examples of fake and real Mudrex URLs.
  • Verify Contact Information: Ensure the website has a ‘Contact Us’ section with genuine contact details. Be skeptical of sites that only provide a contact form.
  • Look Out for Unrealistic Offers: Scammers often lure people with attractive offers and deals. Also, be cautious of pressure tactics like time limit and task deadlines that rush you into sending them money.
  • Verify the Security Certificate: Make sure the URL begins with “https://” and check for a valid security certificate. If it’s missing or invalid, the site might be fake.
  • Research well: If a website seems suspicious, research it. Look for reviews, customer feedback, and contact information to check its legitimacy. You can also reach out to our support team at if you find a website suspicious.

Please note that Mudrex employees will never reach out to you asking to pay them directly via bank transfers or UPI. Only make payments and deposits from our official Mudrex app.

Scams can happen anytime but these are more common during a bull market. Always check your sources and use only trusted platforms like Mudrex for your crypto investments. This will help keep your investments safe.

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