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Even though cryptocurrency trading has seen massive growth in the past few years, not many traders make a profit. In fact, only a handful of traders ever end up on the positive side. Therefore, the search for profitable investment and trading opportunities is constant. To help users make informed trading decisions and invest in trading solutions designed to generate consistent returns, we created Mudrex

Mudrex is a marketplace of investment solutions created and curated by experts. These solutions are designed to stay ahead of market fluctuations and generate consistent returns for users — you! In this article, we will highlight the top features of the platform and how you can start investing with Mudrex.

What Mudrex Offers

With Mudrex, you can either create your own trading strategies or invest in strategies created by expert traders. Mudrex has two platforms to offer, Mudrex Invest and Mudrex Build.

Mudrex Invest

The Mudrex Invest platform helps users invest in solutions curated by other traders. With Mudrex Algos, you can invest in 100% automated Algos that generate and execute signals based on prebuilt trading strategies. These Algos are created by expert traders, and you can view their previous returns, the number of investors, the pair it trades in, and many more details right on the dashboard. Mudrex offers a variety of Algos that are spread across cryptocurrencies and trading strategies, helping users make informed decisions. Mudrex also ranks these Algos with a performance score, a signature score powered by a comprehensive risk vs reward analysis by Mudrex. 

With Mudrex Coin Sets, you can invest in baskets of crypto tokens based on a theme. There are multiple themes available for users to choose from, and each Coin Set will be rebalanced to ensure maximum profitability as the market progresses.

Mudrex Build

With Mudrex Build, you can create trading strategies without using any code! Mudrex offers a no-code crypto strategy builder where you can use 200+ technical indicators, patterns, and logic through a drag-and-drop interface and build trading strategies easily. To test the waters, these strategies can also be backtested using historical data and executed with paper trades. You can also publish your own strategy on the marketplace (after a thorough review process from Mudrex) and start earning.

How To Start Investing With Mudrex

Mudrex has always provided an easy-to-use platform that makes it easy for everyone to invest in crypto. Here’s how you can start investing with Mudrex:

  1. Create An Account: You can create your Mudrex account with your email or continue with Gmail for one-click login;
  2. Connect An Exchange Wallet: Users can connect their favourite exchange on Mudrex using API keys or simply use the Mudrex Wallet. When you connect your exchange account, Mudrex holds no withdrawal permissions and can only trade with your funds;
  3. Add Payment Method: While we do not charge a monthly fee, users have to pay a nominal fee only when they invest. When you add a payment method and funds to your prepaid wallet, Mudrex deducts its fee from these funds;
  4. Choose Where To Invest: Choose your preferred option at Mudrex, and allocate the desired funds.

And you are done. It is that simple! Once you allocate the funds and click confirm, Mudrex takes care of the rest. 

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Mudrex Features

Profitable Investment Solutions

Choose the investment option that suits your style, and leave the trading to Mudrex. With Coin Sets, you can invest in baskets of cryptocurrencies based on a theme. These baskets are curated by experts and frequently rebalanced to ensure that you generate consistent returns from the market. With Mudrex Algos, you can invest in 100% automated bots spread across cryptocurrencies, exchanges and trading strategies. 

Easy Investment Process

Mudrex makes crypto investments easy, which is why you can start investing in just a few clicks. You can either connect your exchange via API or use the Mudrex Wallet. Choose the method you are comfortable with and start investing easily!

Reliable And Secure Platform

Mudrex is backed by Y-Combinator and has assisted over 30,000 investors in making profitable investments till now. With over $1.5 Billion in trade volume and $15 Million of assets under management, Mudrex employs the best security measures to ensure that you trade securely without having to worry.

Pay Only When You Invest

Don’t pay exorbitant membership fees when you are on Mudrex. Mudrex is free to use, and you can build, backtest and invest in your own strategies (up to $500), absolutely free. If you decide to invest in public Algos, you will be charged a nominal fee as per your investment amount. 

Mudrex Protect

While we try to bring the best strategies for you, there might be chances that your investments end up taking some losses. However, we offer Mudrex Protect, a feature that ensures that you receive a full fee refund if the Algo performs worse than the market. Simple, if an Algo with the Mudrex Protect stamp does not yield profits or performs worse than the market, you will get your fee refunded.

Active Customer Support

We understand that anybody can need assistance every now and then. We have compiled a detailed FAQ section to help you get answers to the most common questions. Our customer support is lightning-fast, as you can connect with us over email and chat or submit support tickets. We also have active communities on Discord and Telegram where you can connect with other users.

Mudrex — The best Crypto trading platform

Start Today With Mudrex

Mudrex makes automated crypto investments really easy, with automated investment options and high profitability. You do not require any technical expertise to invest with Mudrex, and you can get started in just a few clicks. While we have discussed the easy investment process above, you can get a $25 joining bonus if you sign up now.

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