How to Spot Scams : Your guide to  Email and Telegram security

Scams can be deceptive, often appearing so genuine that they may trick you into giving away your money or personal details. This guide will show you how to spot common scams in emails and Telegram messages with real examples, so you can avoid them.

How to spot a scam email?

Email scams have been around for decades now. While scam emails from a strange email ID claiming to be your friend or family member is evident, email scams or phishing attempts have largely evolved over time to seem more authentic. Here’s how to tell them apart:

  • Check the Email ID: Real companies use simple and professional email IDs. If an email comes from a strange or complicated ID, be careful. 

For example: All official emails from Mudrex are sent from an email address that ends with

  • Look for Mistakes: Real emails from companies are usually correct in grammar and spelling. If you spot mistakes in the email, it could be a scam.
  • Do not share your sensitive information: We will never call you to ask for sensitive information like Aadhaar, PAN details, or passwords. If you receive such a call, report it immediately and block the number.
  • Don’t Rush: Fake emails often say you must do something right away. Real companies, like Mudrex, won’t rush you to send money or click on a link. Deposits on Mudrex happen only via our mobile app or official website. To know how to spot a fake website from a real one, stay tuned for our next article in this series.
  • Be careful with links: Be careful with emails containing links or attachments. Hover over links to see where they lead without clicking.

How to spot Telegram scam

  • Bots Sending Scam Messages: Telegram bots are automated accounts that can send messages. Some are designed to scam people. If a bot sends you unsolicited messages with offers, links, or requests for information, it’s probably a scam. 
  • Unexpected Messages from New Contacts: If you receive a message from someone you don’t recognize, proceed with caution. Scammers often create fake profiles, pretending to be someone you may know or trust.
  • Too Good to Be True Offers: Be wary of messages offering easy money opportunities such as an investment or job opportunity or an exclusive deal that seem too good to be true. Scammers use these offers as bait.
  • Impersonation of Official Channels: Scammers might impersonate legitimate businesses or organizations. 
  • Requests for Personal Information or Money: Legitimate organizations will not ask for sensitive information or direct payments through Telegram. If someone asks for these, it’s likely a scam.

Tips to save yourself from scams

Now that you understand how these scams would work, you must consider the below essential tips to save yourself from such scams:

  1. Mudrex never calls you directly and asks for sensitive information. If you receive such a call, report it while blocking the number right away.
  1. Mudrex does not tell users to go to other websites for cashback or rewards. You will only find out about new offers through your registered email or within the app itself, not through private messages on telegram or other social media platforms.
  1. If you get a link via WhatsApp or SMS from someone pretending to be from Mudrex, do not click on it. 
  1. While depositing money to your Mudrex wallet, ensure that you deposit money only through the official Mudrex App.

While these tips will go a long way in helping you identify and avoid scams. But remember, scammers always update their tricks. So, always be alert and careful


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