Mudrex Product Update January 2024 Edition

The year’s kicked off on a positive note for crypto, and here at Mudrex, we’ve been working non-stop so you can make your investments seamlessly. And we didn’t just stop there- every month, we continue to innovate and improve, and this month’s no different. Here are the latest features that we’ve got for you to try out on the app!

1. Bit15

A great investing experience offers variety for the investor. And our latest offering does just that. Bit15 is the all-new simplified options investment feature on Mudrex!

With Bit15, you get to make up to 5x returns on your investment if you can tell how Bitcoin’s price will move in the next 15 minutes- it’s that simple!

High-Risk, High-Reward

Bit15 is a high-risk, short-term, simplified options investment product. It is NOT a reliable way to make long-term wealth.

Short-Term Investment Horizon

You get to capitalise on Bitcoin’s price movements within a 15-minute window.

Investment Limits

Since options investment is a risky strategy, we’ve placed certain limits on Bit15 investments.

This is a feature that’s been in the works for a while, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. This will help us improve this in further iterations and give you the ideal experience that you deserve.

Update Your Phone Number and Email

This has been a highly requested update, so we’re glad to let you know it’s finally here! You can now update your mobile number or email associated with your Mudrex account in no time!

To update this information, simply follow these easy steps:

1. On your Mudrex App, navigate to “Profile” in the main menu, and select “Account Details.

2. Under “Basic Details,” you’ll find the options to update your email and phone number.

3. Click on “Edit” next to the respective email or phone number text-box.

3. Click on “Edit” next to the respective email or phone number text-box.

This update aims to streamline the process of keeping your account information up-to-date, ensuring that you have access to important notifications and account-related communications.

Please note, that if you update either your mobile number or email associated with your Mudrex account, there will be a temporary withdrawal block for 24 hours. This additional layer of security is designed to protect your account from unauthorised access and ensure the utmost safety for your funds.

350+ Coins for you to invest in

We’ve expanded our coin collection significantly, and we now proudly offer over 350 coins. This vast selection not only enhances your trading options but also offers endless investment opportunities.


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