Mudrex Sep 2020 Update: Multiple API Keys, Bundle Upgrade, Manual orders for creators, and more

Sep 2020 was filled with the buzz of DeFi. Trading volumes on top DEXs like Uniswap ramped to all-time highs, only to settle back to normal ranges as of today. The DeFi hype drove ETH prices up to ~480 USD before crashing down back again by ~30% and settling to about 360. A lot of the bots on Mudrex like Rigel(+128%), Windfarm ETH (+65%), Toshin Link (+102%) captured the move and brought killer results for our users!

Mudrex users have been talking about us and inviting their friends to join the trading bot revolution since the day we launched. Referral Program driven by the Mudrex community has been our #1 channel of growth! ~50% of our users have come in because they heard good things about us from their friends. If you haven’t yet, get your referral code from here:

Tip: For every user that joins via your code, we give you 50% of whatever we earn!

You can access the referral section from here and read details about the program here.

Key Highlights

  • Our TradingView account was featured as a top author for 3 out of 4 weeks! We have over 1000 followers on TradingView now and growing fast!
  • 8 New bundles got published on Mudrex Invest. You can check them out here.
  • Lots of users are creating high quality videos about Mudrex! Check them out here
  • Our trading community on discord is now over 1300 members strong! Users have been talking about newer ways to trade, strategies to invest in, and the weather in New Zealand! If you haven’t already, join here:
  • We have 2 new member joining the Mudrex Team as an intern and a new guy for design! We are now 17 members strong ..:). If you know someone who would be a good fit for us, ask them to apply here:

Product Update

Mudrex team was hard at work through the last month hashing out improvements. We spent a lot of time adding more options for traders and publishers and improving the core functionality to build a more robust and user-friendly Mudrex. The platform saw 2 major releases and many minor ones. Below are some of the important features launched recently:

Multiple API Keys

When you connect an account with Mudrex, you could only connect 1 API key from an exchange. We have now added the ability to connect multiple API keys from the same exchange in a single account. This gives users the ability to create and connect multiple sub-account from exchange on to Mudrex and keep different bots siloed from each other.

Upgrading Bundles

Strategy creators on Mudrex have wanted the ability to upgrade a bundle since a long time. We have now given them this feature! The new flow helps do that in a very seamless manner without any intervention from the user side!

Placing manual orders

Many times there are periods when the market performs unexpectedly and even the best bots need manual intervention. Till now we only gave creators the ability to close any open positions. Starting today, creators will also be able to manually intervene and open positions in their bundles.

Up next

Over the next month, our focus is going to be on increasing flexibility for creators. Below are some of the exciting things the team is working on over the next month

  • Importing third party signals to Mudrex
  • Multi-asset bundles
  • Code Editor
  • Realtime SL/TP
  • Limit orders

As always, our product roadmap is driven by our users and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Feel free to reach out to us at!


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