Wallets with Benefits!! Earn up to $500 when you deposit crypto in your Mudrex Wallet. 💰💰

Mudrex Wallet Promotion

We recently launched Mudrex Wallet and can’t keep calm. So we’ve come up with some grand promotions for you all.
(*not applicable for US-based users).

Deposit crypto worth more than $250 in your Mudrex Wallet by 31st August and get up to $500.

Introducing Mudrex Wallet

Mudrex Wallet, powered by Binance, is your very own safe and secure crypto wallet. With Mudrex Wallet you can buy more crypto, deposit from other wallets, convert from one crypto token to another, transfer between spot and futures wallet or withdraw crypto to your other wallets. We’ve already created your Mudrex Wallet to help you manage all your crypto investments in a single place. Since this wallet is built for investments, security and reliability are its core.

Why should you use Mudrex Wallet?

We wanted to make Investing with Mudrex as easy as possible.

  • Up to 40% discounts on exchange fees (launching soon)
  • No more hassles of connecting your API keys
  • Zero fees to deposit from your Binance Wallet
  • Maximum reliability on your trades

How to participate in the campaign?

  • Deposit any crypto-token in your Mudrex Wallet during the campaign;
  • The dollar value of the cumulative amount that you deposit during this period will be calculated on 1st September 2021 00:00:00 UTC; 
  • Any withdrawals made during this period will be subtracted from the final calculation;
  • Rewards will be credited to your Prepaid Wallet on the 1st of September.

Campaign duration: 19th Aug – 31st Aug


We have 3 tiers of rewards based on the cumulative amount you deposit during this period. There’s also a Mega Reward for the user who deposits the highest amount during this period. 

Reward TiersDeposit Amount ($)Reward in Prepaid Wallet ($)
Tier 1250 – 500$10
Tier 2500 – 1000$25
Tier 3> 1000$100
Mega RewardHighest Deposited Amount$500

Deposit your crypto tokens in Mudrex Wallet, and stand a chance to win big.

Deposit Now!

*The decision of Mudrex shall be final in all matters relating to this campaign.


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