Mudrex’s 2023 highlights

It was a big year for us and our community. A lot happened and there’s a tiny chance you might’ve missed a few things. So we thought we’d bring you our top moments from the past year!

We gave our app a makeover

Sleeker design, cleaner look, and much better user experience.

We introduced Coins this year

The Mudrex community asked, and we listened- Individual tokens are here to stay!

Good + Good = Great

We have Coins. We have Coin Sets. To get the best of both worlds, we introduced Create Your Own Coin Sets, where users get to build their own custom crypto baskets.

We made sure you always have an eye on your favourite tokens

To ensure you never miss a crucial movement in the market, we introduced Mudrex Watchlist! Staying aware has never been easier (or better looking).

We took some (more) weight off your shoulders

Stop Loss and Take Profit are two major additions to the Mudrex investing experience, allowing you to sit back and relax once you’ve made your investment.

We analyzed, You maximized

Your returns, that is. Token Insights helps you to get almost all the necessary information you need, in one place. No more swiping through 10+ tabs just to research a token.

Is your portfolio healthy?

Well, if you’re not sure, you probably haven’t checked out Portfolio Insights yet. Get an all-round picture of your portfolio and stay up-to-date with major events, all on the Portfolio Insights section on your Mudrex App.

We got closer to our community

If you’re wondering how, you clearly haven’t joined the Mudrex Community on Telegram yet. In our community, you’ll be the first to receive all major updates, you get to give us your feedback directly, and you get all the best resources to help you make your investment decisions.

We got closer to our community

2023 was a big year for us. And it was all thanks to you and the trust you place in us. Here’s to making 2024 an even bigger year for all of us!

Happy new year and happy investing!


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