Muhurat Investing in Crypto 2023: Everything You Should Know

Muhurat trading is a long-standing tradition in India’s stock market, happening every Diwali. It’s seen as an auspicious time for financial activities, making it more special than regular trading. In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has also gained immense popularity, and many investors are now exploring the idea of investing in digital assets during this festive season. This blog is all about why muhurat trading matters and how you can consider investing in cryptocurrencies during Diwali. Don’t miss out on learning about Mudrex’s special Diwali deal, so read till the end.

What is Muhurat Investing?

Muhurat trading, also known as “Samvat,” is a time-honored tradition in the Indian stock market. It is a one-hour trading session that occurs on Diwali.

History of Muhurat Investing

Muhurat trading is considered an auspicious occasion and is believed to bring blessings to investors who participate. It signifies a fresh start and a positive outlook for the financial year ahead. Many investors and traders view it as an opportunity to make symbolic investments and trades, hoping for good fortune and gains. While it doesn’t significantly impact overall market dynamics, Muhurat Trading is a cherished ritual that underscores the fusion of culture and finance in India.

What happens in Muhurat Trading?

During Muhurat Trading or investing, markets open for a brief period, symbolizing the start of a prosperous financial year. Participants buy and sell stocks, hoping for good fortune. It’s a time to set intentions, make traditional offerings, and seek blessings for profitable investments.

Investing in Crypto During Diwali

In recent years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have taken the financial world by storm. Their potential for high returns and the ever-growing interest in blockchain technology have drawn in investors from all walks of life. Here’s why investing in cryptocurrencies during Diwali can be a strategic move:

Diwali Discounts: Many platforms and exchanges like Mudrex are offering special promotions and discounts during Diwali, making it an attractive time to enter the market. You may find lower fees, bonuses, and other incentives that can enhance your investment.

Diversification: Adding cryptocurrencies to your investment portfolio can help you diversify your holdings. A well-balanced portfolio spreads risk and can potentially yield higher returns in the long run.

Modern Prosperity: Just as gold and silver have been traditional investments during Diwali, cryptocurrencies represent the modern form of wealth. They offer the potential for substantial returns and are gaining significant acceptance as an asset class.

Long-Term Potential: Cryptocurrencies have demonstrated the potential to appreciate significantly over time. By investing during Diwali, you’re aligning your financial future with the positive energy of the festival.

Things to be Keep in Mind while Muhurat Trading and Investing in Crypto

While investing in cryptocurrencies during Diwali can be an exciting prospect, it’s essential to approach it with caution. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Research: Before investing, conduct thorough research on the cryptocurrencies you are interested in. Understand their technology, use cases, and potential risks.

Risk Management: Due to their nascent stage, cryptocurrencies are volatile. So, make sure you are prepared for price fluctuations and have a risk management strategy in place. Do not invest in money which you cannot afford to lose.

Security: Ensure that your investments are stored in secure wallets or platforms. Use strong passwords and consider using hardware wallets for added security.

Regulations: Keep an eye on the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies in India. Laws and regulations can impact both the market and your investments.

Investment Horizon: Decide whether you are looking for short-term gains or long-term growth. Your investment strategy should align with your financial goals.

Mudrex Brings Muhurat Investing this Diwali

In celebration of Diwali, Mudrex has unveiled an exclusive Muhurat offer. This special opportunity allows you to trade and invest in over 350 cryptocurrencies and 15 crypto indexes with zero fees. Whether you’re a new or existing user, you can take advantage of this limited-time offer to supercharge your crypto investments while enjoying savings on fees during the festive season. 

To add an extra layer of excitement, Mudrex is also providing assured gifts to users who invest more than $100 during the Muhurat. So, it’s time to make the most of this festive season with Mudrex’s Diwali Muhurat Offer!

Mudrex Muhurat Investing Timings

Mudrex’s Diwali Muhurat Offer is set to kick off on November 12th, with a window of trading and investing with zero fee opportunity all day.


Muhurat trading during Diwali is a cherished tradition that symbolizes a fresh start for investors, and in recent years, this tradition has expanded to include cryptocurrencies.

However, it’s crucial to approach cryptocurrency investments with care and due diligence. Research, risk management, and security measures are vital to navigate the crypto market successfully. If done wisely, investing in cryptocurrencies during Diwali can be a step towards financial growth and a bright future.

As you embark on your journey to invest in cryptocurrencies during Diwali, may the divine light of the festival guide you towards financial success and prosperity in the year ahead. 

Happy Diwali and happy investing!


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