What is Public Relations and why is it important?

Public/Media Relations for a company is all about setting the image right, building a good reputation, and connecting with the public, whether they are our users, investors, or the general public. PR helps us share our messages, earn trust, and establish a strong presence in the eyes of everyone who matters to us. 

What All We Do at Mudrex for Public Relations?

At Mudrex, we engage in various activities to manage public relations effectively. Here’s an overview of important things that we do: 
Market Commentaries: Every day, we share market commentaries to stay connected with the media. By doing this, we ensure that our voice is consistently heard and that we are always part of the ongoing conversation.

Media Queries: When journalists come knocking with questions about crypto, technology, or HR and marketing, we don’t leave them hanging. We respond promptly, providing accurate and insightful information. By doing so, we contribute to the flow of knowledge and help the public understand these subjects better. Plus, building good relationships with journalists means they’re more likely to cover us in their stories.

Authored Pieces: We love to share our knowledge and insights with the world. That’s why we create and distribute articles authored by our experts. We want to educate and raise awareness about the crypto, technology, and HR sectors. By doing this, we hope to position ourselves as not just industry experts, but also as thought leaders.

Relationship Building: We take some time out to connect with them, introducing them to our company, spokespersons, and products. These sessions are not just about business; they’re about getting to know each other on a personal level. Building rapport and mutual understanding helps us communicate more effectively and increases the chances of media coverage.

Awards and Recognition: We are proud of the awards and recognition we have received. And here’s something important to note: we haven’t paid a dime to receive them. We’ve earned them organically, solely based on the judgment of the organizers and juries. Participating in awards and recognition sessions enhances trust and credibility among our customers, showcasing our dedication and expertise.

Press Releases and Notes: Sometimes, we have big news to share, whether it’s an important announcement, a significant achievement, or an exciting update. In those moments, we issue press releases and press notes to make sure the media and the public are in the loop. By doing this, we ensure that key information reaches the right people promptly and accurately.

Podcasts: Additionally, we actively engage in podcasts, sharing valuable insights and facilitating meaningful discussions on various topics. 

These activities are just a glimpse into the world of our PR initiatives at Mudrex. We constantly adapt our strategies to meet the ever-evolving needs of our company and stakeholders. Because at the end of the day, effective public relations is not just about communication—it’s about building relationships and fostering trust in everything we do.

Why am I always in a rush to get my things done?

In the world of PR, deadlines and timeliness play a vital role. If we miss out on responding in time, it’s not just about missing a deadline. It’s about losing opportunities to be featured in news stories and showcase our expertise to a wider audience. At times, this might also affect future collaborations with journalists. Hence, I have no other choice but to rush and get things done on time.

What are my learnings so far?

It’s super challenging to always be on your toes attending to the agency and media. However, the fear of making mistakes and the constant pressure of wanting to meet deadlines were my best companions.

In my little experience, I found that maintaining consistency, promptly attending to journalists and their queries, and keeping an eye on our competitors’ activities played a vital role in successfully navigating the challenging world of PR. These were the things that truly helped me find my way and make the most of our opportunities in this dynamic field.


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